Home news Young people demand more political participation | TIME ONLINE

Young people demand more political participation | TIME ONLINE

Teenagers want
be able to influence more in future societal questions. The
gives a representative survey of the Opaschowski Institute for
Futurology, in which 1,000 people aged 14 and over interviewed
were. After that there has been a strong over the past five years
Increase in the under-20s who have "a lot
while calling for more referendums for citizens "
In 2014, only 73 percent of young people demanded it today 94

Young people in politics lack clear ideas about
how our society should look in 20, 30 years ", said the
Institute director and future researcher Horst Opaschowski. He mentioned
in connection with the study results among others the Fridays
for Future protests
Climate protection. These are according to him, a new participation
within the meaning of Article 20 (2) of the Basic Law, according to which all
State power "in elections and votes emanates from the people" and
Parties merely "participate" in political decision-making,
but should not determine alone. "The youngsters
Protest groups are directed against political professionals who are too
self-employed threaten, and thereby the interests of coming
Lose sight of generations, "said Opaschowski.

The young people therefore demand more independent and
acting responsibly in the classroom. So 92 percent advocated
the statement: "The most important educational goals of the future
Self-reliance and self-confidence will be part of this
school projects must be encouraged and practiced. "

Opaschowski is therefore also the demand of female politicians wrong
that teens wanted to get involved in their spare time, instead
to stay away from the lessons for this. "Education politicians would have to
argue exactly the opposite: Relevant future projects such as
Fridays for future movement must be by the
Street will be brought into the classroom and school life, instead
Building walls and demarcating, "said the future researchers.


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