Home news "You only put sand in people's eyes"

"You only put sand in people's eyes"

The dispute over a possible expropriation of housing corporations continues: the CSU criticizes the party leader of the Green Party, Habeck. On the left, the SPD accuses despondency. The city and community federation speaks of "wrong beliefs".

Can expropriations help against the rental explosion? The city council has warned of the negative consequences of the debate about the expropriation of large housing corporations. "Such publicity-driven discussions, even supported by some politicians, the willingness of private investors to create new and additional homes, have been considerably reduced in doubt," said Gerd Landsberg, president of the city and community federation, the "Passauer Neue Presse ". He described the hope that expropriations of large housing groups could alleviate the housing shortage as & # 39; misconceptions & # 39 ;.

Moreover, expropriation procedures are very long, complicated and often unsuccessful. This also does not create any new apartments. Instead, Landsberg demanded that new homes be built faster and superfluously, limiting expensive standards and rules.

Nationwide tens of thousands had demonstrated against rising rents on Saturday. At the same time, an unprecedented referendum on the expropriation of large housing groups started in Berlin. The green federal president Robert Habeck finds expropriations basically conceivable: "The constitution explicitly provides for such expropriation for the common good."

CSU General criticizes the Greens leader

If Greens boss Robert Habeck is serious, then he can "start his expropriation idea in the luxury penthouse apartments of his green supporters on Prenzlauer Berg," said CSU Secretary General Markus Blume of the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post". "The only recipe that creates more living space is building, building, building," the CSU politician underlined.

CSU National Group chief Alexander Dobrindt accused the Greens leader of his statements about expropriations to create "new social injustices". "Everyone like Mr. Habeck, acting on the motto" expropriate instead of building ", only creates new social injustice and questions social peace," Dobrindt told the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe.

The Wohnungs expert of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Kai Wegner, said the "Augsburger General", with the suggestion of expropriations the people would only "scour the eyes". No expropriations would lead to more living space being available again. It would just be necessary to build more apartments. "And that is why we have to ensure that approval procedures are faster and that building is not always more expensive," says Wegner.

Kipping wants more courage from the SPD

Left-wing leader Katja Kipping accused the SPD of hesitation about the expropriation of large housing companies. "I wish myself more courage from Andrea Nahles and the SPD," said Kipping the "world." Nahles had spoken in the "Bild am Sonntag" against expropriations. Instead, the SPD wanted to make a rivet stop.

Kipping emphasizes: "Excluding expropriations from the start, although it allows the basic law, is the wrong sign." The center is expropriated every month by towering rents. "That is why we need the socialization of housing associations," demanded Kipping.

SPD Federal Vice Ralf Stegner contradicted Nahles: he told the editorial network Germany, expropriations are a final "self-defense" of the state. "There are a number of semi-criminal behaviors that use the needs of the tenants, in which case the state must demonstrate that it is able to act."

Nina Henckel, spokeswoman for the real estate company Vonovia in Bochum, commented critically on the proposal for expropriation in the Business Insider. The current claim is not relevant because the financing is not clear. It recognizes the responsibility of companies to take people's concerns seriously. That is why Vonovia is planning to build 9,000 apartments in Berlin alone, even at a low price.



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