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Woman suffers terrible fall while running next to her dog

Via Facebook a video has become viral in the United States because it shows how a woman walking with her dog in the park fell when the pet ran fast after a swarm of ducks.

The publication is being discussed in Spain, Mexico and other countries because the terrible fall caused the laughter of his own partner, who never stopped to help his girlfriend, details of the site LaRepública.pe.

The clip has been shared on Facebook by an Internet user from the United States and has been reproduced more than 100 thousand times. The woman went to a park with an artificial lake next to her huge doberman dog breedeverything went from the most common, until the pet happened to see a swarm of ducks resting on the grass and near the water.

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the naughty animal ran with all its power to reach the birds and play with someLike, but in his outburst, he also drew his owner, giving her a spectacular fall, as can be seen in the video of the curious blooper who is destroying Facebook.

the Miss was dragged down a slope that overlooked the artificial lakeI just because of the course the hunter dog has taken. The wish of the pet to get the ducks and the urge of the woman not to let the dog go, they both ended up in the water.

the The girl's desperate cries did not stop the doberman's desire for pleasure, because in the Facebook video it was possible to see in which state a daily walk in the park would be.

For all this, the cameraman of the singular scene did not stop laughing and recording until the end. Fortunately the woman has not suffered any major damage, nor the dog. The dog managed to have a cheeky power to support its owner, because the land they were walking through left a strong sign, this detail was emphasized by Facebook users.



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