Home news Witness in the Chemnitz trial does not recognize defendants | TIME ONLINE

Witness in the Chemnitz trial does not recognize defendants | TIME ONLINE

Saxony – Chemnitz process has begun
Seven months after the violent death of a 35-year-old, the trial takes place under special security measures. The case triggered right-wing demos and assaults.

© Photo: Sebastian Kahnert

Around seven months after the violent death of a 35-year-old in Chemnitz, the trial of one of the suspects has begun. The accused, a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from Syria, has to face court action for joint manslaughter. He denies the act.

The defendant's defense requested that the case be closed and that the arrest warrant be lifted. There was a lack of tangible evidence, she argued at the start of the process. Tatzeit, crime scene and motive are so far unclear. There are "glaring inconsistencies".

In addition, the lawyer Ricarda Lang expressed doubts about the independence of the court. Even before reading the indictment, she presented a questionnaire. According to this, the professional and lay judges should indicate, for example, whether they are members or
Supporters of the AfD or the Islamophobic Pegida movement are. From the point of view of the defense, the judges' attitude to the refugee issue is "decisive for a fair trial". Her client needs to know if the judges are "uninhibited," said Lang. She also responded to a statement by Chemnitz Mayor Barbara Ludwig (SPD). This had expressed the hope that the accused would be sentenced without knowing the procedure. There was a suspicion that the political side had an influence on the procedure.

The charges against the young man are for manslaughter, attempted manslaughter and dangerous assault. "He is accused of killing a person without being a murderer," reads the indictment.

Prosecutor has deed act in the courtroom

In August 2018, the alleged perpetrator on the sidelines of a city festival, together with another man to have stabbed the German Cuban Daniel H.
 He died immediately after the crime. Two more men are said to have been seriously injured. The co-accused is still fleeting. After the fact it had come in Chemnitz to xenophobic attacks, parades of right-wing extremists and counter-demonstrations. The incidents later contributed to the replacement of the former
Presidency of the Protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maaßen.

The first witness, the co-victim, was able to present the accused
Do not identify photographs as perpetrators. At his statement could
the 38 year old describes only a man dressed in white, the
stabbed Daniel H. on the floor. Also a second
 Man hit on the victim. "Whether with or without a knife
I did not see it. "

 In a previous statement, the witness had made other statements and no
 Knife, but only stitches seen. At the beginning of the process described
 he, however, the knife with a blade length of about 15 centimeters.
To clarify the case, the prosecutor left the situation in
Adjust the hall. He himself lay down on the floor while he
Witnesses instructed to replay the situation. This one had the event –
 himself injured – followed by a few meters distance. "The court
will evaluate the statement after the end of the taking of evidence, "said the
Chemnitz court spokeswoman Marika Lang to. According to defense
the witness at the time of the incident were under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Negotiation takes place in the hall of the Freital Process

For security reasons and because of the great public interest, the procedure of the district court Chemnitz in a building of the Higher Regional Court Dresden. The hall in which was being negotiated was for the trial against the
Far-Right Terrorist Group Freital has been rebuilt.
The public and those involved in the process are separated by a pane of glass.

For the trial, there are a total of 24 trial days until 29 October
stated. It should also be clarified, for what motive the alleged perpetrators acted and in what relation they stood to the killed.


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