Winner of the Mega Millions still does not charge the jackpot


The person who won $ 1.5 billion last year in October from the Mega Millions draw in South Carolina remains a mystery, with less than two months until the deadline to win the jackpot.

People in the suburb Simpsonville, where the winning ticket was sold, have all kinds of assumptions: perhaps the winner was so overwhelmed that he died immediately or maybe he runs away from the police and is afraid of a background check. Or maybe the ticket has ended up in the trash by accident. Or maybe the winner continued his life as if he did nothing and quietly took the amount of 878 million dollars, which is equal to the one-off payment after tax.

Whoever has won the second-largest jackpot in American history, has the time to enter the South Carolina lottery office with the winning ticket and claim the money on April 19 to 5:00 PM.

The winning ticket was sold at a KC Mart store in Simpsonville sometime between 20 October and the 23 October draw at 23:00.

A shop clerk, Jee Patel, said that officers from the State Watchkeeping Department were waiting in the parking lot when the workers arrived to open the shop the next day at six o'clock in the morning.

"We did not even know that we had sold the winning ticket," Patel said, adding that agents immediately took shots from the surveillance camera. "We have not seen them, I do not know when it was sold or to whom we have sold it. & # 39;

Simpsonville is a suburb with 22,000 inhabitants and is located south of Greenville. The store is far from the center of the city, in a street with two lanes. Everyone who had entered the store in the last few days imagined that the card was sold to someone living in the neighborhood or working nearby.