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Wikipedia is offline | TIME ONLINE

The German-language version of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia is in protest against the planned EU copyright reform for a day not available. "For the very first time the German-speaking community of authors will perform a complete shutdown," it said in a blog entry of Wikimedia. Some other language versions followed this example. Reason for the protest is the planned copyright reform, to be voted on Tuesday in the EU Parliament. "That's the most drastic means
 we have at our disposal to point out something, "the leader said
 for politics and law at Wikimedia, John Weitzmann, in the show
"Radio world in the morning" in the transmitter Bavaria 2.

The Wikipedia authors fear considerable restrictions by the planned reform. In particular, they refer to the controversial Article 13. "Even the smallest Internet platforms would have to prevent copyright infringement of their users preventively, which in practice only by means of error- and abuse-prone upload filter would be implemented," it says in a text that on the Wikipedia page was published. "In addition, all web pages for short text excerpts from press products would have to acquire licenses to comply with a new publisher's right to be introduced," it says. "Both together could significantly affect the freedom of opinion, art and the press."

Wikipedia itself is exempt from Article 13 of the new Copyright Directive. Nevertheless, "Free Knowledge will suffer even if Wikipedia remains an oasis in the filtered desert of the Internet," writes the Wikipedia community.

The German-language Wikipedia currently contains almost 2.3 million articles and is accessed about 30 million times a day. World-wide Wikipedia claims to rank 5 on the most visited websites, in Germany in 7th place.


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