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Why Kramp-Karrenbauer appears with Merz – politics

  • Altmaier has accumulated much displeasure – in the economy, but also in parts of his own party.
  • Now there is also the first joint appearance of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Friedrich Merz since the election to chair the CDU.
  • Many in the Union see Merz as the ideal type of Minister of Economic Affairs. This is not an easy situation for Altmaier.

From Robert Rossmann, Berlin

It is not a good sign for a minister in politics if his party friends consider it necessary to defend him without being asked. Peter Altmaier has been in politics long enough to know that – that's why the past few days should have made him think. There is currently a campaign against the Federal Minister of Economics, deplored there union leader Ralph Brinkhaus. It was alright that a minister would be criticized – "but one or the other Volte" against Altmaier, they go too far. "We should treat each other respectfully," Brinkhaus demanded. Previously, CSU national group chief Alexander Dobrindt had thrown himself into the breach for Altmaier. The criticism of the minister was "in parts simply unfair," scolded Dobrindt, who had not been noticed as the biggest fan Altmaier. The Minister of Economic Affairs is considered the confidant of the Chancellor, he was also Angela Merkel's top refugee coordinator. Altmaier has accumulated much displeasure – in the economy, but also in parts of his own party. The Minister seems to be so weakened now that Brinkhaus and Dobrindt were forced to help him so clearly.

Altmaier does not have it easy either. After Angela Merkel – to the chagrin of her party – had to hand over the Ministry of Finance to the SPD in the coalition negotiations, she had praised in their need the importance of the economic department over charge. Altmaier can not fulfill this expectation now – partly because of his own fault, but partly because his ministry is much less important than the powerful financial department. In addition, just some cools to Altmaier his little thing, which actually means Merkel. Above all, there is Friedrich Merz. For many in the Union, the former Group leader is the ideal type of Minister of Economic Affairs. And did not Merz say himself that he could imagine becoming a minister? Altmaier does not have it easy with someone like that in the back of his neck.

Economic policy Man of compromises

Man of compromises

Peter Altmaier is afraid of conflicts. The price: decisions will not take long. In industry and CDU the Minister of Economic Affairs is not brisk enough.By Michael Bauchmüller

Against this background, it was no wonder that on Wednesday a press release of the TimePublishing Group whirlwind triggered. It said that Merz had one TimeEvent complains that one could say "a bit pointed": "Many politicians know companies today only by company visits and anniversary celebrations." Then followed in the press release, the sentence: "This was also a problem in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Merz was criticized for the office of Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier."

Merz criticizes Altmaier – that would have been a challenge to the incumbent. But Merz immediately denied having said that. Just over four hours after her first message, the time sent a correction with the indication that Merz had "not hit" the statement. But the discussion about his future was not over.

Because there is a second topic that causes speculation. For this Friday, the CDU district association Hochsauerland has invited to his election campaign. The event is scheduled to begin in the Schützenhalle Eslohe at 6 pm. The program published at the end of March was similar to that of other such events: welcome by the district chairman, greetings by the secretary-general, speech by CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer – and the final words of the European candidate. Normally, supra-regional attention would be kept within narrow limits. But a few days ago it became known that Merz will now speak at the election campaign launch. Although only five minutes of "moderation" are planned for him – but it is the first joint appearance of Kramp-Karrenbauer and Merz since their duel at the party congress in December. Both had participated in the New Year's reception of the parliamentary group middle class of the Union faction. But at that time only the CDU boss gave a speech, Merz was merely a listener. So what is the purpose of Kramp-Karrenbauer's joint appearance? And does Altmaier now have to worry about his job?

Well, it will not be that fast. Merz has already made it clear that he is not about to move into the Merkel cabinet. And the chancellor should not feel the slightest inclination to have him in her government. But the dislocations between the two were too big. So Merz can at best hope to become a minister when Kramp-Karrenbauer made it to the Chancellery.

And the CDU boss? She knows it helps her to have a good relationship with Merz. After the tight decision on the party presidency, it did not come to the expected distortions. The party is pacified again. Even formerly fervent Merz supporters, such as the chairman of the parliamentary group Mittelstand, Christian von Stetten, or the head of the business wing, Carsten Linnemann, have long since made peace with the new party leader. Nevertheless, Kramp-Karrenbauer knows that it is better to have Merz on his side rather than as an opponent in the backdrop. It's a win-win situation: she's improving her chances at the Chancellor's office – and he's on a ministerial job. For Altmaier, however, this is quite a loose situation, despite all the advice given these days.

CDU The boss now has to show where she really stands

The boss now has to show where she really stands

Liberals in the CDU fear that Kramp-Karrenbauer will move the party to the right. It's not that easy. But the correct thing is: the new boss should end her course of blurring.Comment by Robert Rossmann



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