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Who is Sophiane Hamli, a figure of banditry, murdered in Paris?

The forty-year-old died Sunday evening after a gunfight at the Champs-Elysées.

After receiving bullets in the head and chest, in the early hours of Sunday, near the Champs-Elysees, Sophiane Hamli died. The passenger of a motorcycle directed them with a great caliber, him and the man who accompanied him by car on the avenue George-V, Romain L., before leaving. The last one, hit in the chest is seriously injured.

The detectives of the criminal brigade of the judicial police in Paris, indicted by the Paris Public Prosecution Service to shed light on these deadly shots, are now already on the verge of settling accounts. according to The Point there are two traces, that of a narcotic business and that of a VAT fraud.

The police will first have to determine who the target was. The driver, Sophiane Hamli, 42, who was frequently associated with organized crime between 1990 and 2000, or his passenger, Romain L., sentenced to 30 years in 2010 two years in prison for two armed robberies on Corsica, or these two passengers from the car.

Nine years on the run

"He was old enough to be robbed, but in the 1990s and 2000 his name came back to our ears in many cases," a researcher said. point, about Sophiane Hamli, originally from Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis).

This person, rushed to the hospital, before he was brain dead on Sunday evening, was repeatedly convicted of robberies. In particular, he was suspected by the police of the fact that between 1990 and 2000 he was the source of a series of armed robberies and attacks of armored trucks.

In 1995, after a conviction and imprisonment for about thirty raids between 93 and 94, Sophiane Hamli was legally checked and disappeared from the circulation, reports an article of Parisian of the time that describes him as "serious, athletic and intelligent". The man is untraceable for nine years and becomes the target of three arrest warrants and has two convictions in absentia. Including one to twenty years in prison for the attack on a van in Villepinte, in 1997 (for which he was acquitted on appeal in 2006).

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The name of his alleged accomplice from that time has a very current resonance, because no one less than Redoine Faïd was arrested last Monday after a spectacular escape and a break of three months. The two men are considered close.

An "elusive leader of the robbery"

It was only in 2004 that Sophiane Hamli, then described by the Paris daily newspaper as "elusive leader of the robbery", was arrested by the BRI (research and intervention brigade) in the Oise. The researchers who found his trace also suspect him of having taken part, in March 2003, of the escape of another figure of great banditry, Antonio Ferrara, who made the beauty of Fresnes prison. But this hypothesis has never been formally proven.

Other doubts hover over the involvement of this man in an attempt to drive a van in Seine-et-Marne in May 2003. In 2012, at the age of 35, his name appears again on the side of the judicial chronicles. He was acquitted, as he was two years earlier, for the attack of a convoy in 2002 in Emerainville on the A4.

Sophiane Hamli's DNA is found on a bulletproof vest used by robbers. Not enough evidence to establish his debt will be judged by the judges, while the Advocate General had asked for twenty years in prison. The other two accused, relatives of Antonio Ferrara, will be sentenced.

He "was unanimous around him"

The deceased man, nicknamed "the cat" or "toto" according to The Parisian, has a namesake who has also bathed in great arrears. Another Sophiane Hamli (or Sofiane Hamli), who is currently sleeping in prison: he is suspected of having taken part in the import of large quantities of cannabis.

according to The pointSophiane Hamli, who had succumbed to her injuries on Sunday night, "would have come closer to the Parisian business community," and had the idea of ​​making a film about the story of his stepfather, also raided in his early years. He is described by one of his acquaintances as someone "not violent" who "was unanimous around him". But was he completely suspended?

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