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Which NFL teams are the biggest threat to rise in 2019? | Bleacher report

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    Jeff Chiu / Associated Press

    Every year the NFL draw gets confused by teams going up and down in the first round.

    In 2018, the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets climbed into the top 10 so that they could land their quarterbacks of the future. They weren't the only moves either. All in all, 16 first-round picks changed hands (some multiple times) through a combination of pre-draft movements and transactions during the selection process itself.

    This year, which teams are full of sufficient draft capital to make their own moves?

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    Round 1 Pick: Nrs. 12, 30

    The Green Bay Packers moved back in the first round last year to draft the New Orleans Saints for the rusher Marcus Davenport, and they still brought an excellent class with Jaire Alexander, Josh Jackson and others. Now they are loaded for the 2019 concept with two selections for the first round and three pickups from the top 44.

    Just like the Saints last year, the Packers could try to grab picks and go up. Unlike New Orleans, they would be looking for an elite playmaker at linebacker after securing edge-rushers Za & D 39, Darius Smith and Preston Smith in a free agency.

    That does not look like a typical relocation of Packers, but neither did several starters sign on the front line in a free agency.

    In need of linebacker, cornerback and safety plus a shortened Super Bowl window with 35-year-old Aaron Rodgers at quarterback general manager, Brian Gutekunst can become aggressive this design season and try to deploy Devin Bush (Michigan) or the top linebacker design, LSU & # 39; s Devin White.

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    Michael Hickey / Getty Images

    Round 1 Pick: Nr. 26

    The Indianapolis Colts should be considered a favorite to jump into the 2019 design after they were swapped back from last year's No. 3 overall selection.

    Why does General Manager Chris Ballard almost have a lock to go up?

    The Colts, owners of the most salary cap space of any team in the NFL, have been too quiet during the free period. They also have three choices from the first 59 selections, making them in good shape to rise from number 26 in general and after a top rush like Brian Burns (FSU) or the safety of Taylor Rapp from Washington.

    They would still have their original day 2 selections to keep adding depth to a selection that Ballard and Co. quickly became a rival.

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    Michael Hickey / Getty Images

    Round 1 Pick: No. 29

    The Chiefs of Kansas City are at the end of the first night of the design, but general manager Brett Veach is one of the most aggressive movers of the competition. With primer with picks 61 and 63 in the second round, plus an additional second-rounder in 2020, they are in excellent condition to come up for a first-class pass-rusher.

    How big a leap would be needed for someone like Brian Burns to land?

    When the team moved to Patrick Mahomes II in 2017, it sent a third round pick and future first-rounder to raise from No. 27 to No. 10. Would Veach package No. 29, No. 93 and next year be the first ? to get to a comparable place for a pass-rusher of the highest level?

    With four picks in the top 100 and the extra 2020 second-rounder, Kansas City has the ammunition to do this.

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    Scott Cunningham / Getty Images

    Round 1 Pick: No. 32

    The New England Patriots have 12 selections in the 2019 NFL draw and six are in the top 101. That's a lot of drawing capital for a team that comes out of a Super Bowl win. They are projected to become even richer when they receive two third-round compensatory choices in the 2020 version after they have lost the free agents Trent Brown and Trey Flowers to big-money deals.

    Can the Patriots go upstairs?

    Absolutely, even though that is not a typical move by Bill Belichick. This could be the year to make a bid for a light-colored player while they are looking for a top rider and youth in the line of defense.

    In a draft full of front-seven defenders that meet the needs of the Patriots, will Belichick hold on and try to add a group of starters? Or will he be sold out for one or two top players such as Montez Sweat from the state of Mississippi or cornerback Greedy Williams from LSU?

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    Frank Franklin II / Associated Press

    Round 1 choices: No. 6, 17

    The New York Giants are faced with a dilemma. The supporters base begs for a quarterback of the future, but the front office is sending out signals that they are planning to work with Eli Manning in 2019 and build around him with two first-round picks.

    If ownership or management decides to set up a quarterback of the future, in fact, if they love Dwayne Haskins in Ohio State or Drew Lock in Missouri, the Giants must go up in order to guarantee that one is available will be.

    Nos. 6 and 17 picks – plus no. 37 or no. 95 in general – may be sufficient to obtain the third selection of the concept. The New York Jets keep that choice, but it is wise to trade in and acquire more assets.

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    Don Juan Moore / Getty Images

    Round 1 Picks: Nos. 4, 24, 27

    The Oakland Raiders generally do not have to rise from number 4, especially when Kyler Murray goes to the Arizona Cardinals with the first pick and pushes a pass rusher on the board. But general manager Mike Mayock could look to add a premium player by climbing up to number 24 or number 27.

    The Raiders not only have three choices in the first round, but they also have number 35 in general near the start of round 2. In addition, they have additional first and third round selections from the Chicago Bears in 2020.

    That is the kind of capital that a team needs to go further in the design without mortgaging its future. Oakland is in excellent condition after activities on the trading market and during free employment agencies, which means that Mayock and head coach Jon Gruden could afford to package packages and move up to blue chip prospects.

    Coming from No. 24 or No. 27 for one of the big tight endings in the class (Noah Fant, TJ Hockenson) to complete the attack or to land one of the top linebackers (Devin White, Devin Bush) are the types of movements that the Raiders may consider making.

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    Patrick McDermott / Getty Images

    Round 1 Pick: No. 15

    The need for a quarterback can tempt the Washington Redskins to go up in round 1, even if they are without extra selections during the first two rounds.

    Washington has extra choices in rounds 3, 5 and 7 for a total of nine choices in this year's draft. The extra third-rounder is central here. That pick and a future first-rounder might be enough to go up for Drew Lock or Dwayne Haskins.

    Doug Williams, Washington & # 39; s senior vice president of player personnel, should make his first call to the New York Jets. General manager Mike Maccagnan may be willing to leave his place at number 3 for a team that comes to get a quarterback.


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