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Where the Hamburg administration needs to get better | TIME ONLINE

The Hamburger exercises criticism of the Senate and the authorities
Landesrechnungshof in Hanseatic restraint. The more than 200 pages
strong annual report, however, contains numerous fields in which the supreme
Auditors of the city remind the Senate to improve.

The new accounting system still contains too many errors.

Actually it is the task of Auditors, the city too
attest that she handled her finances properly. But that
the chief auditors of the city are only doing it with reservations. reason
is the new accounting system of the administration. Already more than ten years ago
the city started as one of the first federal states, the administration on one
to change modern, commercial accounting. For three years, the
Conversion actually completed – but the inspectors still complain many
Mistakes and construction sites. So some data would still be manual
be linked together. Overall, the examiners, however, appease
the consolidated financial statements offer the "actual circumstances
Picture of net worth, financial and earnings position. "For the now audited year 2017
That meant: The city has made a loss of three billion euros.

The city does not have a sufficient overview of the condition of their possessions.

One of the main reasons for the introduction of the new
Accounting was that the city with the help of commercial accounting
also can depict the wear of their possessions and thus one
gets a more realistic picture of the asset development. This is about the
Redevelopment of the public infrastructure becomes visible. That's why
For example, renovated roads are depreciated and lose every year
Value. But here too the Court of Auditors sees many shortcomings. How about
The state of parks or playgrounds, for example, was only very important to the administration
insufficiently known. In addition, the administration noted newly built roads or
Tunnels often only years later than finished. On the bypass in
Finkenwerder has been rolling traffic for years, but still
still labeled as "plant under construction". In a review of the
The ECA found that this was the case for many projects
and thereby the financial position of the city was distorted. But the Senate has
assured to solve these problems.

The citizenship was passed over in decisions.

One task of the Court of Auditors is to examine whether the
Senate has bypassed the citizenship in important decisions. List here
the examiners for the year 2017 two cases: The Senate may, for example, only
in emergency situations, ie unforeseen and irrefutable events,
Release money and then have to ask the citizenship afterwards. center
In 2018, the Senate released an emergency grant of 63 million euros, a loss
to compensate the port administration HPA. This loss had the urban
Subsidiary but already announced in 2016. In the second case, the
Citizenship in August 2018 to buy money for five fire-fighting vehicles
Fire protection under the cover over the highway 7. At this time
However, the vehicles were partly already bought, without the Senate

The system of urban subsidiaries is too intransparent.

For many years, the Court of Auditors has expressed itself again and again
Concerned about the increasing number of municipal investment companies. End of 2017
the city counted 370 companies to their consolidated accounts, the number rise
rapidly, as well as the balance sheet total and the number of employees. meanwhile
exceeds the number of employees at fully consolidated subsidiaries
the city clearly shows the administration.

The risks associated with these investments are evident
according to the Court of Auditors report at a subsidiary of Hochbahn. The
Hochbahn owns the majority of shares through its own investment company
agilis railway company, which offers local traffic in Regensburg. The
Society is highly deficient. A loan of 24.9 million euros, the
Hochbahn had granted her daughter could not repay this. In order to
these losses but not in the annual results of the elevated railway and the
Hamburger Beteiligungsgesellschaft become visible, chose the Hochbahn one
Booking knitting and provided the necessary funds of their
Equity investment available as equity. That is legal
allowed, the auditors of the Court of Auditors, but anything but

Urban organizations have wasted money.

It is also the task of the Court of Auditors, wasting money
to denounce. The most absurd case in the current report: The
HafenCity University had a leasing contract for five and a half years
Closed coffee machines. Unfortunately, the university had neither the
Demand determined, nor the cost effectiveness examined. Result: The
Minimum purchase of 480 cups per working day has not been achieved. To the
To reduce losses from ongoing operations, the university announced
finally the contracts and gave back the coffee machines. Total loss:
260,000 euros.

This is an article from the Hamburg department of the ZEIT. Here you will find more news from and about Hamburg.


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