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What will the new international schools, wanted by Jean-Michel Blanquer, look like?

Students in front of the European School of Strasbourg. – PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP

  • The bill "For a school of trust" debated in the National Assembly this week, provides for the development of these international schools.
  • These institutions will allow for multilingual education, from kindergarten to high school.
  • But some unions fear that they are the preserve of students from privileged backgrounds.

Institutions of excellence where languages ​​will be honored. The draft law "For a school of trust" which is debated this week in the National Assembly, provides for the establishment of local public institutions of international education (Eplei). 20 minutes explains what they will look like

Why create such schools?

The Eplei were inspired by the European School of Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), opened in 2015, which welcomes children whose parents work in the European institutions and those whose mother tongue is a European language other than French. "These schools will be a major lever of national and international attractiveness and will promote courses of excellence oriented towards the international," explains 20 minutes, the entourage of the Minister of Education.

With the Brexit, France does not want to miss the boat and thus wishes to succeed in attracting European families leaving the United Kingdom. "We need these specific schools for children who do not necessarily speak French. And for families looking for a semblance of educational continuity from one country to another, "said Fannette Charvier, rapporteur of the law on" the school of trust "in

How will they work?

"These schools will welcome students from kindergarten to the final year, to prepare them for the international option of the national diploma of the brevet and the baccalaureate or the European baccalaureate or even for the simultaneous issue of the general baccalaureate and the diploma or the certification. allowing access to higher education in a foreign state, "explains the rue de Grenelle. Funding for these Eplei may come from the European Union, other international organizations, donations and legacies.

Where will they be created?

"The creation of the Eplei will be based on the will of the communities (municipalities, departments, regions," says the Ministry of Education. "It would be nice to have at least one by academy and implement in territories that have need to enhance their attractiveness, "said Jean-Michel Blanquer in a recent interview at Sunday Diary. "We already know that a European school will open in Courbevoie at the next school year," said the minister's entourage. A school project of this type is also planned in Lille and another could be created in Marseille. A perspective that does not appeal to Stéphane Crochet, the secretary general of SE-Unsa: "The magnitude that these Eplei could take worries us. We are against the fact that there is an international school in every major city because it would put in place a competition between this type of institution financed by public and private funds with other public colleges and high schools, "says he to 20 minutes.

How will the students be recruited?

According to the ministry, these schools will not be the preserve of the sons of diplomats or employees of international organizations. But local students will also be able to apply, provided they have a level of foreign language sufficient to be able to follow the courses in English, German … But Stéphane Crochet fears that these schools will ultimately welcome only a privileged public "We know very well who will apply: students who have been lucky enough to be sent by their parents to a language stay. Nothing says that these schools will seek the mix, "he says.

An amendment was adopted in committee to promote social and territorial diversity in the Eplei. It stipulates that rectors must "ensure social diversity in local public international education institutions when they decide on the assignment of students within them".

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