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It takes time to put together a complicated puzzle. Patience would not be bad either. In the heart chambers of the European Union, both are currently not available in abundance. The interested public is asking for an answer to the post questions as soon as possible following the elections to the new EU Parliament:

Who will be the head of the commission or the boss? Who succeeds Mario Draghi as President of the European Central Bank? What is the new EU representative for foreign and security policy, or is it a man? And who is to embody the most democratic of all EU institutions, the European Parliament?

As with any large puzzle, it is advisable to first set the corner pieces, the middle is usually easier. The most important part: the chief post in the EU Commission, the government agency of the EU. The person who fits in with this position must bring forward legislative proposals and manage the new EU budget over the next five years. It can also be that the one or the EU in the trade war against Donald Trump claim to master the climate crisis, must make strong against China. It would also be good to further democratize the EU and find a European solution for refugee distribution. The job is not boring.

Macron messes up the game

Actually Manfred Weber the best chances to complete the puzzle at this point. As the Leading-Edge Principle envisages, Weber has campaigned across Europe and, in the end, has received the most votes as a candidate of the Conservative EPP Group. Five years ago, when the Spitz principle (EU slang) was first applied, it took months and debates to complete the puzzle. In the end, however, Jean-Claude Juncker was the sentry, although David Cameron as British Prime Minister mobilized against him (Battle of Brussels).

One of Weber's problems is that 2019 is not 2014. Meanwhile, there is the Brexit decision of the British, the French president Emmanuel Macron and in Denmark, Spain and the Benelux governments, for example, who find It difficult to imagine Weber playing the role of Commission chief. Macron says it needs "the best" for the top jobs in the EU, politicians with "great experience" – Weber's name does not come to mind in this context. The Frenchman favors the liberal Danish EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager or the Brexit representative of the EU, Michel Barnier. Frans Timmermans, the second real top candidate alongside Weber, at least attested to Macron's necessary competence.

Macron could become Weber's most powerful opponent and thoroughly mess up the puzzle. The Frenchman can not only organize majorities in the Council among the 27 heads of state and government against the Germans, but also use his new power in parliament. There, his party merged with the Liberals and thus the third strongest force.