Weather forecast: torrential rain will hit the southeast while heavy snow will hit the northwest

Torrential rain will flood parts of the Southeast this week as stripes from the Northwest will be hit by feet of snow.

Heavy rains and floods could hit the southeast on Monday and Tuesday, the National Weather Service said.

Fierce storms, including tornadoes, have killed at least 10 people since Friday: three in Texas, three in Louisiana, three in Alabama and one in Oklahoma.

The storms killed 10 people across the United States over the weekend, as floods remain a major concern

“Some of the same areas affected by severe weather over the past weekend will see scattered showers and thunderstorms, making cleaning difficult,” CNN meteorologist Gene Norman said Monday.

The storms will be slow, “leading to persistent rains until Wednesday,” Norman said. The humid pattern for the southeast will last until the end of the week, as the most intense rain will pass to the Tennessee and Ohio Valley from Thursday to Friday.

The southeast will not only be wet, but it will also be exceptionally warm.

“It will be possible to record warm daily high and low temperatures in parts of the southeast until Wednesday,” said the National Meteorological Service.

“Temperature anomalies on average will range between 10 and 20 degrees above normal in much of the Mid-Southeast Atlantic and in the Central Appalachians.”

But in Montana and western Dakotas, the high temperatures on Monday and Tuesday are expected to remain below zero degrees.

Further west, heavy snowfall will cover much of Oregon and Washington.

“Snowfall will be measured in feet at the waterfalls, northern Sierra Nevada, northeastern Oregon, northern and central Idaho, western Wyoming, central-northern Utah and the Colorado Rockies,” said the Weather Service National.

“Expect treacherous and frosty travel conditions in these affected areas.”


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