Home news We publish the expected temperatures Friday in the governorates of Egypt

We publish the expected temperatures Friday in the governorates of Egypt

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From the site of the seventh day, on Friday, September 14, 2018.

GAZA (Reuters) – Meteorological experts predict that a mild weather on the north coast of the Mediterranean on Friday will lead to mild weather in the south of Upper Egypt.

The visibility of the water pipe is low in the north of the country in the morning, because the low and medium clouds on the northern coasts can be accompanied by light rainfall on the western coasts and areas in South Sinai.

The wind, mostly northwestern temperate, is active on South Sinai and is very exciting for sand and dust, but also active on the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea, leading to disruption of the shipping industry there.

The state of the Mediterranean is moderate and the wave height is one and a half meters to two meters and the surface wind is northwest. For the state of the Red Sea it is turbulent and the wavelength is three to three meters and a half meter,

The following temperatures are expected today on the governorates and cities of Egypt:

Great Micro

Cairo 2433

Central Delta

Alexandria 2331

Baltim 2530

Matruh 19 30

Salloum in 2030

Siwa 21 34

Port Said

Damietta 2428

Arish in 2130

Rafah in 2030

Ismailia 22 33

Suez 2232

Ras Sidr

Palm trees

Nuweiba 2635

Taba in 2032

Catherine 16 32

Phase 25 34

Sharm El Sheikh

Hurghada 2636

Marsa Alam

Fayoum 2534

Beni Suef

Minya 2334

Assiut 2234

Sohag 2436

Qena 2438

Luxor 2539

Aswan 2640

Abu Simbel

New Valley

Shalateen 30 38

Abu Asmad

Head of a horse

Halayib 3136

Regarding the expected temperatures today on a number of cities and Arab capitals the following are:

Great Micro

Mecca 3144

city ​​3244

Riyadh 2642

Manama, 3239

Abu Dhabi

Doha 30 40

Kuwait 2846

Damascus 1332

Beirut 2530

Oman 1629

Jerusalem 1727

Gaza 2230

Baghdad 2746

Muscat 27 32

Middle East

Khartoum 2639

Tripoli 2430

Tunisia in 2029

Algeria 2226

Rabat 18 25

Nouakchott 2632

The following temperatures are today on a number of cities and capitals of the world:

Great Micro

Ankara in 1325

Istanbul 1723

Islamabad in 2030

New Delhi 24

Jakarta 24 34

Beijing 18 28

Kuala Lumpur 23 31

Tokyo 20 24

Athens in 1928

Rome 18 29

Paris 0821

Madrid 18 32

Berlin 11 21

London 11 18

Montreal 17

Moscow 0919

New York 19 25

Washington 2027

Finally, we thank the visitors and followers of the East Times website, and we promise to offer you everything that is new and important from all reliable news sources, as we have transferred (we publish the expected temperatures today in the government of Egypt) and the source is responsible for the health of the news.
Source: day 7


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