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"We finally found fraternity and mutual aid"

In "J & # 39; veux du soleil", by Gilles Perret and François Ruffin, built as a round of roundabouts in France to meet the yellow jackets, the two directors made a stop at the La Barque tollbooth, one of the places to block the most active in Provence. Before they could shoot, they had to undergo some kind of casting. Alexane was on the jury. He supported their approach at a time when cameras and elected officials were not welcome.

"Some eat better at roundabouts than at home"

At the age of 26, this clinical psychologist had never participated in demonstrations before the yellow jackets. With his melodious accent, a synthesis of his origins, Auvergne, Toulouse, Lozère and his Provençal exile, he calls himself "a revolutionary in the soul". "I was involved in the movement before it started. Every day, I complained because of the footsteps, of our parents who worked all their lives for a miserable pension, pharmaceutical laboratories. With my work, I confronted completely abandoned people "People with disabilities are accommodated on the 4th floor without a lift. They are a yellow jacket from the first hour. I knew the movement was beyond this fueling history. It was just a trigger. It was because of all the injustices that people experience every day. "Very quickly, the wing of Gardanne's hand team occupied the field. "I started paying for La Bouilladisse. Then, since he wasn't doing the nights, I went to La Barque to see what was happening. And I stayed there. I came several times a day between appointments. night service. "

She admits privileged. "I come from a relatively wealthy family. I never lost anything. During my five years of study, my mother paid me my studio and my car insurance. I am not one of the most needy people because I have a safety net with my family, yet with his dazzling speed he tempered: "If I did not have his help, I will not get out. I am in deficit every month. Between the rent of my office and my home, I have 1100 euros to pay per month. How do you want to go when you start your life with 1,100 euros plus Urssaf, CFE and all that goes with it? But his statements go beyond his personal case. "I come from a generation that grew up with social networks. We cut each other thinking we could communicate with our" virtual self. This movement allowed us to leave our phones and discuss what is happening in our country. found fraternity and mutual help. It was something that was missing in our lives. I saw people eating better on the toll than at home. I get up for all those who are motivated and try to do something concrete in their "Life and cannot do it. We are the fifth or sixth richest power in the world. We have poor workers, people who combine two jobs, pensioners who do not pay while they have contributed for life. What is our future? With my diploma , I still have the chance to go abroad, but I fight for all the people who stay here. Today he works at the internationalization of the movement with the controversial Maxime Nicolle, "Fly Rider". "Every end hectimana, there are wounded. We need to reinvent ourselves with targeted actions, punches. On the other hand, he left the La Barque toll booth, which was taken over by the gendarmerie. "Let's go like everyone else with a blue card. And to say that not much time has passed, we played bowls."

"I no longer feel ashamed and guilty of being poor"

Carole went to La Barque as a regional stage. He lives in Fuveau, the city that hosts him. "I went there every weekend. I neglected my family life," admits this 48-year-old auxiliary who does not like the spotlight. Fortunately, it is at night that the film reveals him at the wheel of his car, telling himself to François Ruffin. With his companions, he is preparing to take the budget, evacuated by the gendarmes. Carole was built with the idea that she could only rely on herself. However, in La Barque, he found the taste for collective struggle. "I've always succeeded on my own. This has forged my character. But I was waiting for a game. It's been years since we felt abandoned by the government. When I saw" All on the road on November 17th ", I wore my yellow jacket and I went down, "he says. "We are on the street for people who do not have enough to eat every day. At the roundabouts, people dare to say that they go to eat the heart. They no longer feel shameful and guilty of being poor."

She does not consider herself among the most unfortunate. "I won the Smic over the course of the hours. I work 45 hours a week, but at the end of the month we don't have anything anymore. We can't put money aside, make some supervision. We pay too much of a tax percentage to afford free time "I pay the maximum for the mortgage. Not to mention the house. Why work as a goddamn to be deprived of everything. We are told of our diesels. With more help, I could have bought a hybrid to replace my eighteen-year-old car." "That was starting to get tired. But even second-hand, they remain expensive. Instead, I bought a diesel and changed the particulate filters. Government members ask us to make efforts, but they're not doing it. When I ask my son about turn off the lights behind him, where is the logic if I leave everything turned on? People are fed up. "

Always suspicious of politicians, he had never "demonstrated or belonged to a party". "As a child, I see politicians making wonderful speeches and once elected, we see nothing. This is what made everyone on the street. Even if I don't believe it, I went to the great national debate to open it and ask for the initiative referendum of citizens (RIC). Determined to continue the movement, believe in the strength of yellow jackets. "To make things happen, you have to be a lot. In discussion, we have become a family with our atypical courses. It was a great solidarity. Before the movement, there was no more help. We have not taken the step to go the other way. We find what we had lost. On the roundabouts, some found a job, the couples formed. It's beautiful When you wear a yellow jacket, you are not there to claim a party or religion. We are together. "


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