Washington says Assange will be extradited to the United States


Julian Assange supporters – Amer Ghazzal / REX / SIPA

Britain to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to US for espionage, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo says Sunday published by Ecuadorian daily El Universo.

"We have already made the request and so he will be extradited to the United States, where he is being sued," said Mike Pompeo. "I can not comment further, but my government thinks it is important that this man who posed a risk to the world and endangered American soldiers be sanctioned by justice," the secretary added. State, which met Saturday with President Lenin Moreno during a visit to Ecuador.

A week ago, Britain's Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, Alan Duncan, assured his side during a trip to Ecuador that Julian Assange would not be extradited to a country where he could risk death sentence. Julian Assange is accused of espionage by the United States, who requested his extradition. US federal justice allows the death penalty for crimes punishable by death, including espionage, according to the specialized website Death Penalty Information Center.

He faces 175 years in prison in the United States

The United States has held 18 charges against Julian Assange, and the cumulative penalties for all these charges amounts to about 175 years in prison. The bulk of these charges relate to the collection and dissemination of classified information by Wikileaks, which in 2010 published hundreds of thousands of military and diplomatic documents.

Refugee for nearly seven years at the Embassy of Ecuador in London where he enjoyed political asylum, Julian Assange was extracted April 11 by the British police with the endorsement of this South American country. He was immediately detained and sentenced to 50 weeks in prison on 1 May for violating the conditions of his provisional release.

The Ecuadorian government claimed to have received written guarantees from London, when it withdrew the asylum to the Australian, that the latter would not be extradited to a country where he could be tortured or sentenced to death. The hearing to consider his request for extradition will take place at the end of February 2020 in the United Kingdom.