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Wall Trade Compromise: Trump leaves everyone in the dark – politics

  • Is it possible to build a building that US President Trump can call a wall while the Democrats can deny that it is a wall?
  • The compromise that Democrats and Republicans have now found in Congress takes all sides into account.
  • But whether US President Trump is satisfied with that, is open.

From Hubert Wetzel, Washington

In the end everything depends on a single word: wall. At the moment, all of Washington's politics are revolving around this word and the questions that link up with it. What is a wall? What does a wall consist of? How long does a wall have to be before it is really a wall, not just a tall, wide thing in the landscape?

Above all, and at this point architecture and politics mingle: is it possible to build a structure that person A can call a wall without making a fool of himself, while person B can simultaneously and equally seriously deny that it is is a wall?

Person A in this case is the President of the United States of America. Donald Trump has promised his constituents to build a wall on the border with Mexico to keep illegal immigrants, criminals and drug traffickers out. If there's a project connected with Trump's presidency, then it's "the WALL," as he likes to call the edifice on Twitter.

Politics USA Trump in Rumpelstiltskin mode

Trump in Rumpelstiltskin mode

In the Texan border town of El Paso Trump makes his true speech on the state of the nation: divisive and awesome. In the dispute over its border wall, however, there could be an agreement.By Thorsten Denkler

Over the years, Trump has repeatedly commented differently on how he imagines this wall. Its originally planned, 2,000-mile prefabricated prefabricated construction, for which there are already prototypes, has become a vaguely described "physical barrier" of indeterminate material. He does not care about concrete or steel, he says. Also in the length he has made compromises. Of 2000 miles is no longer the speech, 1000 are enough.

However, all this costs a lot of money, which Congress has to provide before the president is allowed to spend it. And that's why Person B comes into play: the Democrats. They do not believe in Trump's wall, which they call an "immoral" structure. In doing so, they deliberately forget that about 600 miles of the American-Mexican border are already secured by all kinds of barrier structures built in recent years with the approval of the Democrats. But that's the way it happens in politics.

The wall dispute led to the shutdown

In any case, the Democrats in Congress have so far refused to authorize Trump to build the Wall. The president demanded $ 5.7 billion for the construction of 200 miles of new wall sections at the end of last year. The Democrats wanted to give him about $ 1.3 billion to renovate old border fences. Shortly before Christmas, Trump refused to sign laws to finance a number of important US federal ministries and agencies.

This resulted in a so-called shutdown – the ministries and authorities closed down, and about 800,000 civil servants did not receive any money for more than a month. It was not until the situation became unbearable that Trump collapsed and agreed to a transitional budget, which only runs until 15 February. If there is no new financing law, a shutdown is imminent.


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