Waldhof Mannheim creates the ascent – sport

  • The SV Waldhof Mannheim has experienced brilliant and recently many less glamorous times.
  • Now despite many problems the promotion to the 3rd league succeeds – and the euphoria is great.

By Christoph Ruf, Mannheim

Until the early hours of Easter Sunday, the players of the SV Waldhof Mannheim celebrated the promotion to the third division, which they had made perfect with a 1-0 victory over Wormatia Worms. Previously, a large part of the more than 14 000 fans had moved with the team towards the city center, where the evergreens were heard at the water tower, which had already been tuned during the match: "Never more fourth league", also the club anthem "Blue and black ".

Football Mannheim and Osnabrück rise

Mannheim and Osnabrück rise

The Waldhof is again third-rate, Osnabrück again second-rate. Rafael Nadal loses completely unexpectedly in Monte Carlo.Messages at a glance

And again and again insults on the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, against which you will compete in the coming season. "This is a huge relief.The whole pressure is gone," said the coach Bernard Trares, formerly a player, including at Waldhof and the TSV 1860 Munich. Under Bruno Labbadia Trares was co-trainer at HSV, now he is considered the father of the Mannheim high-altitude flight. He has given the team an attractive, offensive way of playing. 81 matches in 30 matches so far are league record – in all five regional alligator teams.

Before this season, the club, which has produced national players such as Maurizio Gaudino, Karl-Heinz Förster or Jürgen Kohler, failed three times in succession in the relegation – at SV Meppen, the sports friends Lotte, last season at KFC Uerdingen. At the return match in Mannheim fans had fired for several minutes missiles on the pitch until the goal, the game crash was reached. For the first time in the history of German football then a club were deducted because of the misconduct of his followers three points, whereas the SV Waldhof lodged an appeal.

In mid-March, the Frankfurt district court gave the fourth division right, but the DFB filed another appeal. The fact that the association now held despite the crowds of viewers at the then -block the Otto Siffling fan grandstand, evaluated fans and officials as a return coach. Especially since the DFB overruled the vote of the city and the Mannheim police, who had pleaded for an opening of the grandstand. "Just unworthy," says Trares, who also found clear words last summer for the misbehavior of the fans who had provoked the game crash.

3. Liga Uerdingen gets the license for the third league late

Uerdingen gets the license for the third league late

After a late payment, the German Football Association (DFB) had questioned the rise of Krefeld. Waldhof Mannheim remains safe in the regional league.

For clear words only a few Waldhof fans have something to object. The SVW is what one calls a traditional club – and that's not just because of its founding date (1907). Mannheim-Waldhof is a Malocher district, which today would be called "precarious" in the sociologist language. Anyone who came here was football-oriented 100 years ago. With today's club division VfR Mannheim, which was considered a club of dignitaries and Lackschuhträger, one wanted to have nothing to do. In 1922, when the national coach Sepp Herberger, born in Waldhof, moved there from the SVW, it was simply a betrayal in the district.