Vladimir Putin invited families from Tulun to parade in St. Petersburg


Families from Irkutsk Tulun, with whom Vladimir Putin spoke today after the parade, special guests who were personally invited by the president for the celebrations in the northern capital.

Parents with children from the flood-affected city arrived in St. Petersburg after meeting with the head of state in the Kremlin. Last week Vladimir Putin himself visited the disaster zone, talked to people there and heard about the problems they face. The conversation continued in Moscow. The president invited his guests to attend the parade in honor of the Navy Day before they went on vacation to the south.

– I want you to expand the program a little bit. Since you have already arrived in Moscow today, you will fly through Moscow, we will make a short excursion. Then the children are taken to the clinic, just in case they look, because it is still hot in the south, you have to see if there are contraindications in case. And a small Moscow tour, tomorrow I will offer you, if you want, of course, I think it will be interesting, it will be interesting to fly to St. Petersburg. Look at Peter, and especially the boys will be interested, I invite you to the naval parade, it's such a beautiful and clear spectacle. I think everyone will like it. How do you have your main problems with regard to housing? With compensation there and so, the president asked.

– We decided, the house was given, taken, decorated the house.

The president ordered all possible help to be provided to people affected by the floods in the Irkutsk region. The first priority is the health of children in the disaster zone. And this, according to the Ministry of Education of the region, 5,791 children. Parents of more than three and a half thousand have applied for rest. Almost two thousand are already satisfied. The rest of the work. Children rest in their own region, as well as in the European part of Russia, in Crimea, in the Caucasus and even in Mongolia.