Home news Vladimir Putin has ordered Salisbury novichok hitman to assassinate Brit Spion behind...

Vladimir Putin has ordered Salisbury novichok hitman to assassinate Brit Spion behind Trump's sexual record & # 39;

VLADIMIR Putin ordered the murderer Salisbury novichok to assassinate the British spy Christopher Steele who wrote the sensational Trumps file, claimed an ex-top Russian spy.
Mishkin, 39, used the alias Alexander Petrov for the failed hit on the double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yuliain March.
PA: Press Association The Kremlin has Christopher Steele in his sights, it is alleged. Last week his accomplice came out. The Russian Boshirov was unmasked as the Russian spy chief Anatolly Chepiga and Mishkin is really a doctor in the military intelligence service of the country.
But he is now faced with accusations of conspiracy to use novichok on former MI6 officer Christopher Steele during a visit to the UK, a year before the attack on Salisbury, the Sunday People reports.
KGB-defector Boris Karphichkov, 59, claims that Mishkin belonged to a special ops group that entered the country at the end of February 2017.
He says a source told him they were here to kill Steele, 54, on Putin's orders.
Getty – Contributor Putin would have made the murder order personally: Associated Press The alleged Salisbury poisoner Alexander Mishkin was chosen for the mission. Karpichkov said: "I was told that Steele would be wound up with the same stuff as the Skripals.
The killers initially conducted a surveillance at Steele's home in Farnham, Surrey and at his London office.
"The operation was aborted when they realized that the house was guarded with a lot of CCTV.
"Because they also quickly determined that he was not in his office, they concluded that it was too risky to carry out the operation."
Rex has Russian double engine Boris Karphichkov says he was informed that the plotEPA Trump of Putin earlier made the claims as & # 39; fake news & # 39; Chilling images of the Russian chemical weapon factory that Novichok made – the nerve agent used in the Salisbury -attack
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The bid came after Steele was released as the author of a 35 page file that claimed that Russia has a compromise information file on Trump.
This included sexual ties, and he was supported by the Kremlin for five years before his election as president of the US.
The most striking claim was that in 2013 Trump hired prostitutes to pee on the bed of the presidential suite at the Moscow Ritz Carlton, because he knew that Barack and Michelle Obama had stayed there earlier.
The report states: "Unorthodox behavior by Trump in Russia over the years had given the authorities enough shameful material for the now Republican presidential candidate to blackmail him if they wanted to."
Putin would have been furious about this and wanted Steele dead because he had ruined his relationships with Trump.
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