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VIDEO – Large national debate, instructions for use

The "Great National Debate" was launched on Tuesday, January 15. In his letter to the French, Emmanuel Macron calls on the citizens to take part in this debate, which lasts two months until 15 March. How does this major national consultation work and how can it participate?

– The kick-off of the "big national debate" was given by Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, January 15th in Normandy.

– It will take place over two months: from January 15 to March 15.

– This is one of Emmanuel Macron's answers to the "yellow vests" crisis.

– In his letter to the French he proposes to address about thirty questions on four themes: the ecological transition, taxes, the organization of the state and democracy and citizenship.

Big national debate, Emmanuel Macron wants to "remove misunderstandings"

– A duo of ministers leads the debate:

Sébastien Lecornu, minister in charge of local government and Emmanuelle Wargon, secretary of state at the minister of Solidarity Transition.

– Due to the controversy about her salary, Chantal Jouanno does not lead the debate but remains the chairman of the national committee of the public debate.

– The debate takes place during "local initiative meetings" or in local stands, installed "at places of daily passage".

– "Methodological kits" and theme papers on the various themes are distributed to the organizers to facilitate the debate.

– From January 21, the first contributions of the French can be deposited on the site www.granddebat.fr.

Major national debate, commitment and braking

– Or sent by post to the big debate about the mission & # 39 ;.

– A college of "five guarantors" volunteers must guarantee the independence of exchanges.

– from 1st Regional citizen conferences will be organized in March.

– They will gather in each region a group of about a hundred people who will be drawn by lottery.

– Emmanuel Macron has agreed to draw the conclusions of this consultation in the following month.

– Concrete decisions must be announced at the end of April.

Venantia Petillault

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