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Venezuela: "We stay on the streets"

Despite numerous arrests and police brutality against protesters, thousands of people in Venezuela protested again against head of state Nicolás Maduro. The self – proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaidó, had called on the population to leave their homes and workplaces and take to the streets to seek support military demand against head of state Nicolás Maduro.

"Do not shoot at the people who are fighting for your family, it's an order, Soldier of the Fatherland, enough!" Guaidó demanded. In more than 5,000 places in the country, people have responded to his call, said the opposition politician. "We stay on the streets," he said in front of supporters Caracas, On Saturday should find more demonstrations.

Guaidó, opposition leader and president of the de-powered parliament, had appointed himself "acting president" and had been recognized by Donald Trump and other states. The re-election Maduro last year was not legal, Guaidó argued. Therefore, he falls as a parliamentary president under the Constitution, the office of the head of state to transitional.

Venezuela conflict splits the world community

The power struggle in Venezuela It also deepens the gap between the US and Russia. US President Donald Trump had congratulated Guaidó by phone on the "historic takeover" of his office. The recent demonstrations against Maduro commented on Twitter with Trump: "The fight for freedom has begun!".

While Guaidó on the support of Trump counts, Maduro thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for his help. The Venezuelan president can rely on the support of the military and the judiciary so far.

The governments of Mexico and Uruguay are planning an international conference of neutral countries for February 7 in the Uruguayan
Capital Montevideo. A country communication states that "the
The aim of the conference will be to lay the foundations for a new one
Creating a dialogue mechanism that includes all forces in Venezuela to help restore peace to the country ".

Several European states had given Maduro an ultimatum last week. If he does not call for free and fair elections within eight days, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom want to recognize Guaidó as head of state. Although Maduro offered the opposition talks and early parliamentary elections, there would be no early presidential elections.

Several foreign journalists arrested

The Venezuelan authorities have two in connection with the stalled power struggle
French journalists arrested. The reporters were filming a rally for President Nicolás Maduro
The Venezuelan journalists union SNTP has been arrested

Previously, there are already two Chilean journalists and their Venezuelan
Companion also arrested at the presidential palace. You are
been accused of violating a "security zone," said
one of the Venezuelan companions to the TVN station. While the Venezuelans after about twelve hours
were released, the two Chileans were first
further recorded.


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