Home news Venezuela: Nicolás Maduro wants to speak with opposition

Venezuela: Nicolás Maduro wants to speak with opposition

Venezuela president Nicolás
has agreed to talk to the opposition. He would also support early elections, said the head of state Russian government
News Agency RIA. It is about the peace and the future of his
Country. European states, including Germany, France and the UK, had given Maduro an eight-day ultimatum over the weekend to call for new elections. Otherwise, they would recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as self-proclaimed interim president.

Guaidó had become the interim president of Venezuela a week ago
was appointed by the US and one
Recognized series of Latin American states. Russia, China, Iran and Turkey
keep going to Maduro. The Russian news agency Sputnik
quoted the socialist incumbent as saying, Russian President
Vladimir Putin helped Venezuela in every way.
Russia had the recently imposed US sanctions
criticized against Venezuela and Maduro's government
Assured support.

The Russian government had previously
fearing that Venezuela will have problems
could settle his debts. Maduro said,
his country is facing financial obligations
Russia and China follow up.

Guaidó is not allowed to leave the country

Venezuela's Supreme Court had issued an exit ban on Guaidó on Tuesday. The court also froze the accounts of the Speaker of Parliament. It was followed by a request of the Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab.
 He had previously taken criminal investigations – according to Saab, it is about the
Unrest of the past days. The mass protests of opponents and supporters of Maduro had also resulted in deaths.

Guaidó had the Venezuelans in the face of international
Support for his call for new elections recently to more
Protests called. People should work for two hours
 Gathering demonstrations, he said. At the
 This coming weekend, there should be mass demonstrations "in every corner
Venezuela "and around the world.


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