Home news Veiled merchant excluded from a Christmas market: an open investigation

Veiled merchant excluded from a Christmas market: an open investigation

Religious sign. The public prosecution service of Pontoise indicates that a discrimination investigation has been opened after the exclusion of a shopkeeper from a Christmas market by the Mayor of Saint-Gratien, in Val-d-Oise. It is the veil of the shopkeeper who justified the decision of the municipal councilor.

A scarf that hinders. On 30 November, during the inauguration of the Christmas market, Julien Bachard, mayor of Saint-Gratien, Val-d-Oise, explained to a veiled shopkeeper that her "scarf bothered", according to the latest reports West France. An investigation into discrimination was opened by the Pontoise prosecutor, after this exclusion from the Christmas market, according to the daily newspaper. Contacted, the mayor's office determined that the chosen person did not want to talk about this subject.

"I noticed that you were wearing a religious sign […]. I asked you to be replaced or to adopt a more neutral outfit by submitting the necessary neutrality and secularity of joint demonstrations, "Julien Bachard justified in a mission post sent to the merchant and the CCIF (Collective against Islamophobia in France.) Faced with his refusal, the mayor asked him to leave the market.

The shopkeeper has filed a complaint against Julien Bachard for "discrimination on account of religious belief by a person in charge of the public authority". An appeal has also been lodged with the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise against the municipality of Saint-Gratien "to denounce a denial of access to the stand" and to request compensation, the CCIF adds.


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