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Utrecht: One dead after shots – politics

  • In a tram in Utrecht, the Netherlands, three people were killed and several injured by gunfire.
  • The police do not exclude a terrorist background, Prime Minister Rutte speaks of a "plot".
  • The alleged perpetrator should be on the run.
  • The competent authority called warning level 5 for the province of Utrecht, all residents should stay in their homes.

Shots on a tram in Utrecht killed three people and several injured. This was announced by the mayor of the Dutch city. In the province now the highest terror alert level applies. The competent authority issued Warning Level 5 for Utrecht Province on Monday lunchtime. The alleged shooter would be sought "by all means available". Heavily armed police surrounded a complex of buildings near the scene. Whether the suspect was there was initially unclear.

On Twitter, the police said she was looking for a 37-year-old man born in Turkey in connection with the shooting.

The police also consider "a possible terrorist motive" in their investigations into the crime. The exact background of the incident are still unclear. The fact that shots were fired in several places has since been denied again. Even Prime Minister Mark Rutte did not exclude a terrorist background. He spoke at a press conference about a "plot" in Utrecht. He had previously said that the government wanted to meet for crisis talks. According to a broadcasting report, security measures at the government headquarters in The Hague have been strengthened. The anti-terrorist coordinator also called a crisis meeting.

First reports of the incident had reached the police, she claims, at 10:45. The shots were fired in the area of ​​October 24th, 24th October. The police called on people not to leave their homes. Further incidents are not excluded. All schools and the University of Utrecht remain locked, even the mosques in the city remain closed as a precaution. The traffic in Utrecht stands still.

The mayor of Utrecht, Jan van Zanen, writes in a statement on the Internet about a "terrible and radical incident". Again Dutch journalist Yelle Tieleman on Twitter Citing eyewitnesses, a man in the tram pulled a gun and shot several people.

With just over 350,000 inhabitants, Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands and lies about 75 kilometers from the German border. She is known for her picturesque channels and student life. About one third of the inhabitants have a migration background. Larger minorities, for example, have Moroccan, Turkish or Surinam roots. Crime with firearms is very rare in the Netherlands.

As a rule, the SZ does not report on ethnic, religious or national allegations of suspected offenders. We only deviate from this line agreed in the Press Code for justified public interest. This can be the case for exceptional offenses such as terrorist attacks or capital crimes, or for crimes committed by a larger group (like New Year's Eve 2015 in Cologne). There is also a public interest in the search for a wanted man or if the biography of a suspected person is relevant to the offense. We decide on a case-by-case basis and are fundamentally reluctant to avoid bias against minorities.


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