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USA and EU condemn arrest of Juan Guaidó's office manager | TIME ONLINE

The United States have the
Arrest of Juan Guaidós Office Manager Roberto Marrero criticized.
"The United States condemns Maduros raids
Security forces and the arrest of Roberto Marrero, office manager
Interim President Guaidó ", tweeted US Secretary of State Mike
and demanded his immediate release. US Security Advisor John Bolton threatened Roberto Marrero's "illegitimate arrest"
I will not stay without consequences. "Maduro has another one
committed big mistake. The illegitimate arrest of Roberto Marrero
will not be without an answer ", Bolton wrote on Twitter,

The office manager of the
self-appointed interim President Guaidó was on Thursday
a raid on his home seized by the secret service Sebin
Service. Venezuela Government accuses him of planning attacks
to high-ranking politicians. Marrero is in a terrorist
Cell involved and directly responsible for the organization
criminal groups, said Venezuelan Interior Minister Nestor Reverol on state television. Reverol showed a picture of two weapons,
that had been owned by Marrero and seized during the raid
should have been.

Guaidó accused
against it the secret service Sebin, the weapons with use in
To have deposited Marrero's house. According to Marrero's lawyer
Joel García became his client in the Intelligence Prison
Helicoids in Caracas brought. Sat in the infamous detention center
until recently also the German journalist Billy Six.

The European Union demanded that Marrero "immediately and without
Conditions will be released, as EU spokesperson Maja Kocijancic in
Brussels announced. The EU is making the Venezuelan authorities "responsible for its
Safety and integrity responsible ".

United Nations appeals to conflicting parties

UN spokesman Farhan Haq said the UN had "worried"
Marrero arrested. "We renew our appeal to everyone
Actors in Venezuela take immediate action
take to lessen the tensions and every action
refrain, which could lead to a new escalation, "added Haq

so-called Lima group from a number of Latin American countries
and Canada also protested against the arrest of the office manager. "We
call for an end to the attacks on the Venezuelan Democrats and
of arbitrary arrests and torture in Venezuela. "
it in a joint statement.

Marrero's wife left
assuming that the arrest of her husband is actually against
Opposition leader Guaidó judged. "This is an attack on the
Team of Guaidó. Roberto is a leader, a strategist,
someone from the close environment of Guaidó, "said Romy Marrero
newspaper El Nacional, According to her, they had Marrero
because, unlike Guaidó, he has no immunity.

Socialist leader Nicolás Maduro and Guaidó
a power struggle for months. Numerous Latin American
and western states have fallen behind the opposition leader and
self-proclaimed interim president, and also the US and
Germany support Guaidó.
However, in Venezuela, he himself could not do any real
Build power position. Especially the leadership of the powerful
Military holds so far to Maduro. The President speaks
from an economic war against his country.

Guaidó had last
announced to mobilize his supporters across the country and on
to lead a march to the capital Caracas. According to him, that is
the "regime on the decline". "We have it with a lot
to do weak regimes that no longer govern, none of that
Authority has more, "he said.


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