Home news US shutdown: Trump declines participation in the World Economic Forum

US shutdown: Trump declines participation in the World Economic Forum

  • He will not take the "very important trip" to Davos because of the "intransigence of the Democrats," said Trump on Twitter.
  • US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell has meanwhile warned of significant damage to the US economy, should the shutdown take a long time.

Donald Trump has canceled his planned participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos because of the ongoing government downturn in the United States. On Twitter, the US President wrote that he would not come to Switzerland because of the "unreasonableness of the Democrats" and because of the "security of our country". The forum in the Swiss ski resort will take place from the 22nd to the 25th of January.

In Davos, a high-ranking Chinese delegation is expected. This would have given Trump a chance to get involved in the US-China trade dispute and to discuss further trade issues with representatives of other countries. Trump participated for the first time last year in the meeting of the world's economic and financial elite. Previously, he had several negative comments about the meeting.

Trump calls for $ 5.7 billion to build a border wall, one of his main promises in the election campaign. The Democrats reject that. Because of the dispute so far no new budget could be passed, parts of the administration were paralyzed.

Trump had already suggested contemplating a cancellation because of the US situation. The so-called shutdown is already on the 20th day and could be the longest in the history of the USA on Saturday.

Should the shutdown continue for a long time, the US economy could be threatened with considerable damage, warned US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. An "extensive" decommissioning of the authorities would be reflected in the economic data "fairly clear," Powell said in a speech in Washington on Thursday.

Politics USA Trump breaks off meetings with Democrats

Trump breaks off meetings with Democrats

"I said bye-bye": The US president remains stubborn in the dispute over the US budget. Democrat Schumer talks about a brief fit of Trump's tantrum.


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