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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been pleased with the visit to Mexico
Efforts of the country shown to combat illegal migration. He thanked Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard for his efforts, which, according to first signs, would have led to fewer illegal immigrants arriving at the southern border of the US.

Among other things, Mexico started its newly created National Guard
its borders with the USA and Guatemala. US border police stopped
 In June, nearly 28 percent fewer migrants arrived illegally
its southern border as in May. Pompeo spoke of "real progress" in Mexico. "The
Numbers are good, "he said, but there is still" a lot of work ".

On Monday, there is a deadline by which the US wants to check whether the neighbor has done enough to prevent illegal migration from Mexico to the US. This was part of an agreement between the two countries on 7 June, which initially averted the punitive tariffs threatened by US President Donald Trump.

If the US finds Mexico's efforts insufficient, they could push for Mexico to be declared a safe third country. Then, all migrants from Central America who want to travel to the US via Mexico would first have to apply for asylum in Mexico. Speaking to Pompeo, Ebrard said he did not feel it necessary to start discussions on such an agreement, given the progress made.

Mexico lies on the route of people from the Central American states of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, who want to flee poverty and violence in their homeland to the United States. Trump has made the fight against illegal immigration a priority of his policy.

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