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US presidential election: Elizabeth Warren officially applies for presidential candidacy

The Democratic US Senator Elizabeth Warren wants in the presidential election 2020 against incumbents Donald Trump compete. Warren explained in Lawrence, Massachusetts, her candidacy for Democratic candidacy.

The 69-year-old is a sharp critic Trumps. His government criticized her Saturday as "the most corrupt since time immemorial". The prominent senator belongs to the growing field of Democrats, who compete for the candidacy of the party one year before the primaries. Among them are several women.

Warren is demanding, among other things, a special tax for the richest 75,000 families in the United States. With the proceeds she wants to relieve the middle class and promote climate protection. "The rich and powerful seem to break the rules and pay no price," Warren said. "When I talk about it, some rich guys scream: Class struggle! Let me tell you something: The same wealthy guys have been fighting a class struggle against hard-working people for decades, and I say, it's time to fight back!"

Warren had created a controversy because she referred to herself in the past as an Native American. President Trump mocked her again on Saturday as Pocahontas, a famous 17th century aboriginal. In October, Warren had submitted a DNA test that provided convincing evidence that one of their ancestors was an Native American six to ten generations ago. That went backwards.

The Cherokee tribe called the DNA test "useless" and no evidence of tribal affiliation rooted in centuries of culture. The Washington Post reported a few days ago, citing a tribal spokeswoman, Warren apologized. Critics accuse the politician of pretending to be a native to promote her career.

Prior to becoming a Senator in 2012, Warren was a law professor at Harvard Elite University. Trump insinuates that Harvard would not have hired her if she did not pretend to be a minority. In recent days, the debate flared up again: The Washington Post published a good 32-year-old index card from the Law Society of Texas where Warren said she was a Native American.

Trump asked Warren on Twitter, "Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or did she decide after 32 years that things are not going so well?"



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