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US Budget Dispute: Verzockt | TIME ONLINE

The great confrontation between Republicans and Democrats in the
ongoing US budget dispute remains. At the weekend it was still called, the
Negotiations on the financing of the border protection are at a standstill
come. But late on Monday evening, the rival camps have come to an agreement. All you have to do now is president Donald Trump agree.
By Monday evening, there had to be an agreement to get the draft budget in time
to get through both chambers of parliament. Otherwise threatens on Friday
the next partial closure of the public administration ("shutdown") threatened.

For details
The members of both parties did not want to comment on the agreement. US media
citing several parliamentarians reported that the US president held the original
$ 5.7 billion required only $ 1.375 billion for expansion
the frontier installations on the Mexican border. Steel braces were planned, but no wall. Trump, with the negotiated amount at the 3,000-kilometer-long border with Mexico, has about 88 kilometers of fortifications
let build.

In return, the Democrats have apparently largely renounced the number of detention centers in the detention centers
to reduce. The negotiation success in
Last minute is just as important to Trump and the Republicans as it is to him
the democrats. Another shutdown due to petty arguments
Migration and border protection would probably be difficult for the voters of both parties
have been mediated.

The stubbornness of the Democrats

That the
United States on Monday for the second time within a few weeks shortly before
A shutdown was mainly due to the stubbornness of the Democrats.
Although Trump, according to information from the New York Times his claim for the money
Wall construction on the weekend had already screwed down to two billion dollars, wanted
the Democrats do not even allow him this symbolic amount. there
the sum would have amounted to just under 0.04 percent of the federal budget. also
Surprisingly, Trump's opponents insisted on the number of beds in
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Police (ICE) Immigration Detention Center Deportation Facilities
to reduce.

Democrats argue that ICE by reducing sleeping places to do so
would be forced to rely on the deportation of criminals and people who have one
real risk to focus instead of law-abiding
Immigrants who enrich society. So declared the democratic
Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard on Twitter the attitude of her party.

The Democrats had demanded this at an earlier date,
but not as a negotiable condition for a compromise
highlighted. Therefore, it is hard to understand why the democratic
Leadership at times stubbornly insisted on this one demand and so
risked a new shutdown.

Although the
Democrats could not prevail in this case, reported the
New York Times already on Monday evening that the results of
Budget negotiations for a "significant success" for the Democratic
Party would look like.


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