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US Attorney wants to release Mueller report – Politics

  • US Attorney General Barr wants to publish in the coming days the report of special investigator Mueller for Russia investigation. Some parts of it, however, are to be blackened.
  • So far, Barr has just published a four-page summary of the report. Accordingly, US President Trump is relieved by the report.
  • However, some investigators from Mueller's team are of the opinion that Barr did not adequately reflect the results of the investigation.

US Attorney William Barr intends to submit a partially blackened version of Special Rapporteur Robert Mueller's report on the Russia investigation next week. His original timetable remains in place until mid-April, Barr said Tuesday at a hearing in the Budget Committee of the US House of Representatives. "Within a week, I will be able to make the report available to the public."

Mueller had investigated whether the campaign team of Donald Trump made collusion with representatives of Russia and whether the US President obstructed the judiciary. At the end of March, the Special Investigator had finished his work and delivered a nearly 400-page report.

Justice Minister Barr initially published only a separate, four-page summary of the report. According to this Mueller came to the conclusion that there had been no conspiracy or collusion between Russia and the campaign team Trumps. Trump sees himself relieved in all points.

Politics US The US Democrats put Barr an ultimatum

The US Democrats are giving Barr an ultimatum

They want the Minister of Justice to pass on the report of special investigator Mueller to Congress. In the end, the opposition may not be more than a motley bunch of suspicions.By Thorsten Denkler

In recent days, there have been media reports that some investigators from Mueller's team believe that Barr did not adequately reflect the findings of the investigation and that they are more problematic for Trump than the minister suggested.

Barr did not want to answer MEPs' substantive questions on Tuesday's report. He pointed out that he would answer the Congress after the report was published. So far, it is planned that Barr will be questioned by the judiciary committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives on May 1 and 2.

Barr explained to the MPs which parts of the report were blacked out. These are four categories, he said. It concerns certain court information, information on intelligence sources, ongoing complaints and information concerning the privacy of "minor actors" who are not charged.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives not only demand the submission of the report, they also want to receive the evidence and documents on which the report is based.

Politics USA How stressful is the Mueller report for Trump really?

How stressful is the Mueller report for Trump really?

The US president is completely rehabilitated. But that's not what the special investigator says, say some of the authors.By Thorsten Denkler



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