Home news US Attorney General wants to publish Mueller report soon | TIME ONLINE

US Attorney General wants to publish Mueller report soon | TIME ONLINE

US Attorney William Barr intends to submit a partially blackened version of Special Rapporteur Robert Mueller's report on the Russia investigation next week. His original schedule until mid-April remains, Barr said at a hearing in the Budget Committee of the US House of Representatives. Mueller investigated whether Donald Trumps Campaigners made collusion with representatives of Russia and whether Trump, as US President, obstructed the judiciary.

Barr has so far only published its own four-page summary of the report. Trump sees himself relieved in all points by this summary of his minister from the end of March. According to a report of the New York Times However, some investigators from Mueller's team believe that Barr did not adequately reflect the results of the investigation. They are more problematic for Trump than Barr suggested.

Barr did not answer any substantive questions from MEPs on the report. He pointed out that he would do so after the publication of the report in the Judiciary Committees. So far, it is planned that Barr will be questioned by the Judiciary Committee of the Senate and the House of Representatives on May 1 and 2.

Barr explained to the MPs which parts of the report were blacked out. These are four categories, he said. It concerns certain court information, information on intelligence sources, ongoing complaints and information concerning the privacy of "minor actors" who are not charged.

Democrats demand insight into underlying evidence

The Democrats in the House of Representatives demand not only the submission of the report, but also the underlying evidence and documents. Jerry Nadler, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced a few days ago that he would force Barr to submit the full document by a legally binding order – a so-called subpoena – if necessary.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on a visit to St. Petersburg that he "knew from the beginning that the Mueller investigation would lead to relief for Trump. Russia did not meddle in any US elections, "and there was no illegal agreement between Trump and Russia," Putin said.

The special investigator Mueller and his team
have spent almost two years studying how far Russian
Influence attempts on the election in 2016 went and whether the then candidate
Trump or his environment made common cause with the Kremlin
to have. For a criminal conspiracy on the part of the Trump camp found
Mueller, according to Barr's summary, does not have enough evidence.
To the question
 whether Trump with the dismissal of the former FBI boss James Comey in the
Investigations of the judiciary intervened, the report did not lay down



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