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US Attorney General: Trump scoffs at the next disagreeable

It leaked weeks ago that Justice Minister Sessions must go well because of the Russia affair. Now the Democrats worry about special investigator Mueller.

       By Thorsten Denkler, Washington



    Donald Trump delivers a verbal battle with a CNN reporter. At the same time, he could have gone into his press conference the day after the Midterms with the best of spirits. He has finally retired on Tuesday – in his eyes – historic electoral victory. Besides, that came out an hour after the press conference, he kicked out his justice minister. The man, then, who Trump blames on the fact that in May 2017, investigations into the Russia affair continued with a special investigator. Even though Trump had already fired FBI boss James Comey for that very reason.


    At the press conference, Trump did not hint at what would become public an hour later. Several times he was asked if he planned after the midterm elections to rebuild his cabinet and to fire specifically Jeff Sessions. Trump said so much: He was very satisfied with most of his cabinet. However, it was already clear that he did not count the 71-year-old sessions to this "biggest part".

"It is enough!" – "Sit down!" – "Get away!"
                US President Trump would have to be after his "historic election victory" actually in good spirits. Instead, he insults a CNN reporter.

                By Thorsten Denkler
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Again and again, Trump had blabbed about sessions on Twitter and in public appearances. Already weeks ago leaked, that sessions after the Midterms would probably have to go. But hardly anyone had expected it that fast. When the news came out, not all electoral districts were even counted.


    Trump never forgave sessions


    Sessions had withdrawn from oversight of the investigation into bias in the spring of 2017. The FBI is formally subordinate to the Ministry of Justice. Donald Trump never forgave Sessions. Sessions' Deputy Rod Rosenstein then took over the supervision – and instantly installed Robert Mueller as special investigator in the Russia affair. Since then, the Special Investigator has been trying to find out if and to what extent Trump's team or even Trump himself has worked with the Russian government during the 2016 election campaign to win the 2016 election.


    The open questions include, for example, whether Trump or one of his people knew even before release of a Wikileaks played data package with which the Clintons should be charged.


    So far, Trump rejects any suspicion of unlawful cooperation with Russia. Everything was just a fraud invented by the Democrats. It is unclear, however, why Trump should have tried in the summer of 2017 to fire Comey also Mueller. The White House Judiciary is said to have barely detained him at the time. If Trump really wants to end Mueller's investigations, then he can do so only indirectly: He could fire Justice Minister Sessions, then Rosenstein. And finally occupy the posts with vassals who then buried Mueller's investigation.


    No one yet knows what Mueller has against Trump in the files. Democrats are worried about the future of special investigator Mueller after the dismissal of sessions. It was crucial that Sessions' successor protect Mueller's investigation, said the faction leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Charles Schumer.

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