Home news #unteilbar: Maas supports big demo against right-wing

#unteilbar: Maas supports big demo against right-wing

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas supports the large-scale demonstration planned in Berlin under the motto "indivisible" against exclusion, racism and a shift to the right in this country. The SPD politician called it a great signal that so many go out on Saturday on the street. "We do not let us split – of right-wing populists certainly not," said Maas the newspapers of the spark media group.
            He emphasized that the majority in Germany stands for tolerance and cosmopolitanism. New nationalism does not solve a single problem. "We do not need foreclosure but more international cooperation, and diversity of origins, skin colors, religions and lifestyles is an asset to us and not a threat." Xenophobia and anti-Semitism should have no place, "neither here nor anywhere else in the world," said Maas.
            Tens of thousands are expected to attend the demo in the capital. The protest is directed against right-wing incitement, discrimination, the death of refugees in the Mediterranean and cuts in the social system.
            Prominent Supporters The demonstration starts with a kick-off event at Alexanderplatz. From 1.00 pm, the train should set in motion. The route leads over the Leipziger Straße, the Potsdamer Platz to the Brandenburg Gate and then to the Victory Column.
            Numerous organizations, associations and parties support the call – as well as some celebrities such as the actor Benno Fürmann, the television presenter Jan Böhmermann and the band Die Ärzte. Among other things, an appearance of Herbert Grönemeyer was announced for the evening.
            Sahra Wagenknecht, leader of the Left Group in the Bundestag, dismissed reports that she had rejected the "indivisible" demonstration. The left-wing collection movement "Get Up", which she founded, declared on Friday that Wagenknecht had criticized the call for the demo, but, independently of this, advocated "that as many people as possible take to the streets against legal development and racism". At the same time, they campaign for including in the future also people in this protest, "who advocate for the regulation of migration".

"Noted with wonder" The initiators of the demonstration call for arguing for the right to protection and asylum and against the foreclosure of Europe. Wagenknecht recently warned more frequently about open borders and unlimited migration into the German labor market.
            Green Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner and others complained Wagenknecht because of their criticism. "Sahra Wagenknechts 'getting up' has embarrassed and discredited in my eyes," said Kellner the editorial network Germany. That especially the AfD is pleased about Wagenknechts criticism of the demonstration, say it all.
            Wagenknecht co-chairman Dietmar Bartsch told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "The left-wing group in the Bundestag has decided to call for participation in the 'indivisible' demonstration, and I personally would like to be part of it." That Sahra Wagenknecht distances himself from this appeal, I have noted with amazement. "

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