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Union: Profile gets the CSU only in the confrontation

The directors of the congress had really worked hard. Several times the moderators had announced on the stage in the Munich Olympiahalle the approaching guest. The CDU boss will come soon, she'll be here soon, now she's almost there. Even the last delegate should realize that what is happening now becomes important.

When Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer then actually entered the room, glared gladiator music from the speakers, while the CDU boss and the newly elected CSU leader Söder walked side by side through a trellis rhythmically clapping delegate, waved into the audience and even shook hands that were not stretched out to them , They were accompanied by several camera teams, which transmitted the invasion live on the screens.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer immediately gave a speech that should probably be called conservative: The vegan wants to take away the sausage from Bavaria, the environmental aid the car and as the protective power of the meat-eating motorists remains, of course, only the Union. She repeated a few bon mots that she had already tested in previous appearances: that of the siblings who argue sometimes, but hold together when the neighboring children come (it was about CDU and Christian Social Union) and that of the impending "cultural self-dwarfing" (it was about Christmas carols, which would no longer be canceled in some kindergartens properly, which one wonders what should Christmas carols in January).

The delegates clapped enthusiastically, the CSU superiors thanked and the daily News later sent the corresponding pictures into the country. Everything went according to plan. And so the next stage of the project has been ignited, the public staging of which has been observable for some weeks now: the great reconciliation.

Angel of Peace Manfred Weber

Gone are the days when CDU politicians rant in a personal conversation about the "idiots from Bavaria" and the CSUers snort over "the Oide over there" while they wiggle their heads derisively towards the Chancellery.

The Angel of Peace of the quarrelsome siblings is a man who until recently would hardly have expected such a role, which was only known to Brussels or Lower Bavarian insiders: Manfred Weber. The CSU politician with surprisingly gentle speeches gets on well with the Chancellor, as well as with the new CDU chairman, he is the top candidate of the Conservatives and Christian Democrats for the European elections and has accordingly good chances, the next president of the European Commission become. In the CDU It is gratifying that the Chancellor's confidant could soon be sitting in the EU's most powerful post. The CSU is delighted that "our Manfred" soon says in Brussels what is going on and "our Manfred" shines with everyone Day in his new role to become a little bit bigger.

The election campaign will be correspondingly peaceful this year. Only five years ago, Horst Seehofer had decided that the CSU should at the same time be Europe-friendly (even then with Manfred Weber) and Eurosceptic (with the specially created Peter Gauweiler). For some in the party, this lurching both-and-was also the prologue to an identity crisis that eventually resulted in defeat at the state election 2018 ended.

It's all over now. Today, the CSU is at least as enthusiastic about the European Union as the CDU and leaves no doubt that it will work hard to defend this Europe against what it is already routinely called "populists and nationalists".


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