Home news Two Russian military aircraft near Caracas landed | TIME ONLINE

Two Russian military aircraft near Caracas landed | TIME ONLINE

The Venezuelan media reported that the two aircraft were transporting an Antonov 124 and an Ilyushin 62 carrying 99 military personnel and carrying 35 tons of cargo. The Russian delegation was led by the Chief of Staff of the Land Forces Russia, Vasily Tonkoshkurov, reported the Venezuelan TV channel NTN24.

Spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Caracas confirmed to the
Moscow news agency Sputnik the arrival of the two machines. It
 go about the normal handling of ongoing "technical-military"

Head of state Nicolás Maduro announced on Wednesday that Russia would import several tons of medicines in the following days Venezuela send. However, whether there are in fact drugs on board the two machines, has not been confirmed. A government official told AP that one of the machines was Russian military that had come in for talks on maintenance of equipment, training and strategy. At the beginning of March, the Russian government promised Venezuela further relief supplies. Russia will provide crops and supplies to the South American country, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with the Venezuelan Vice President in Moscow.

A joint military maneuver of the Russian and Venezuelan forces in the South American country had met with criticism in December. In particular, the transfer of two nuclear-capable long-range bombers of the type Tu-160 to Venezuela caused concern among others in the Organization of American States (OAS).

There is a political crisis in Venezuela. Since the end of January, Maduro and the self-proclaimed transitional president Juan Guaidó are fighting for power. Recently, the population suffered from a power outage for days. People also have no access to enough food and drugs,

Russia and China are among the states that continue to support Maduro's government. Germany, the US, numerous EU countries and many Latin American countries, however, have recognized interim president Guaidó.

At the end of February, representatives of Venezuela's government and the opposition for aid supplies from abroad had clashed. Guaidó's plan to push aid across borders, against President Maduro's wishes, failed because of the crackdown on the security forces.



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