Trump enjoys commercial victory with corporate friends

Harold Hamm, the oil and shale billionaire pioneer, was also praised by the president. “Harold Hamm. He puts a straw on the floor and spills oil. ”

“He has been with me from the beginning,” Trump said.

Surprised by his success with China, Trump mocked Nelson Peltz, the activist investor, about his investment in General Electric, and thought that the financial crisis might not have happened a decade ago if Maurice Greenberg, who was in the audience, had had He remained in the American International Group.

Peltz, speaking with reporters along with Trump after the event, commented that it was an “event that shook the world today.”

Sometimes, Trump was disappointed when he couldn’t see a friendly face he was looking for in the crowd.

“I can’t believe Rupert isn’t here,” Trump said of Rupert Murdoch, Fox’s tycoon, who helped boost the president’s rise. “Rupert is fantastic, and the whole family is simply a big family.”

The golden public thanked some on social media, who mocked Trump’s open hug to the rich with Twitter hashtags like “#billionairesSellingtochina.” But for Trump, who will travel next week to Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum, it was clear that billionaires are also his base.

Four years ago, Trump made fun of the hedge fund managers as talented paper promoters who were “escaping the murder.” But on Wednesday I was looking for Ken Griffin, the billionaire hedge fund manager who runs Citadel, for a verbal hug.

“Ken Griffin, Citadel. What a boy he is. Where are you, Ken? Where the hell is he? ”Trump wondered. “He’s trying to hide some of his money. Look, he doesn’t want to stand up. Where the hell is Ken?

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