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Trump Backer Sorry for saying we should not judge Saudi Arabia for the Bone Saw murders

Do you remember the horrible murder of the journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi? What the Trump administration essentially left to do in Saudi Arabia? For those who need a quick update: October 2nd The Washington Post journalist entered the Saudi consulate in Turkey and has never been seen again. After initially denied having knowledge of the matter, the Kingdom admitted that Khashoggi had died inside the consulate, arguing first that it had happened in a fight of fists, and later saying that his murder was, in effects, pre-meditated. All this, in addition to the conclusion of the C.I.A. that hereditary prince Mohammed bin Salman he had ordered the assassination of a US resident, he should have brought the president of the United States to punish, or at least condemn, the de facto leader, but he obviously did nothing of the kind. Anyway, Trump's good friend Tom Barrack he was asked completely at the Milken Institute summit in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, and here's what he had to say:

"Whatever happened in Saudi Arabia, the atrocities in America are the same or worse for the atrocities in Saudi Arabia … The atrocities in every autocratic country are dictated by the rule of law, so for us to dictate what we think is the code moral there when we have a young man and a regime that is trying to push himself into 2030, I think it's a mistake. "

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Of all the hot takes coming from the administration and / or people in its orbit: the Nazis are doing well! The permits are holidays! Nobody died in Puerto Rico! Kim Jong Un rocks! This is obviously very high in the Hall of Fame. The United States seizes, kills and dismantles US residents all the time! We should not judge a country for belittling someone if that is what is considered normal there! M.B.S. he is just a young dictator who tries to make his mark in the world! To be honest, Barrack's comments are not worse than Trump's actions, but the president is mentally compromised and should not be regarded as a kind of moral guide.

Not surprisingly, at some point, he returned to Barrack – who has strong ties to Saudi Arabia – that his comments did not go very well. Starting Wednesday afternoon, he had issued a kind of excuse:

Fortunately, at this point, going out as a puppet of an authoritarian regime is probably the last of Barrack's problems. In December, prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into Trump settlement committee spending, which Barrack oversaw. Specifically, they are studying whether foreign donors from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have illegally donated to the committee in order to influence US policy, which of course is something that this administration would never have been, ever never represented. (Barrack is collaborating with the investigation).

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Nobody cares more about Trump's working class

As a reminder, the reason why federal contractors, including janitors and canteen workers, missed more than a month's pay why of Trump.

Report: the lawyer in charge of Apple's preferred trading policy could do better in some areas

"Everything looks fine, but next year we'll let you work on stocks that are not listed on the Apple stock market."

Gene Daniel Levoff, who until last year was senior director of Apple's corporate law, repeatedly swapped on non-public revenue and revenue from 2011, the Securities and Exchange Commission and federal prosecutors said Wednesday. Illegal investments led to about $ 227,000 in profits, while allowing him to avoid $ 377,000 in losses, according to the US attorney's office in Newark, New Jersey, which filed criminal charges against Levoff.

For example, in July 2015, Levoff learned that Apple would not meet analysts' third quarter forecast for iPhone sales, the S.E.C. he said in a related civil complaint. That month, he sold about $ 10 million of Apple shares, virtually all of his holdings. When the company recorded profits, its shares fell more than 4 percent. Levoff avoided losing about $ 345,000, the S.E.C. He said.

Kevin Marino, Levoff's lawyer told Bloomberg that he is examining the allegations and is not looking forward to defending his client "against these allegations."

A solitary group of millionaires wants higher taxes

If you ask the super-rich who refuses the recent tax proposals as the first of a series of steps that end with the collapse of Western society, these people should be locked up in a tower and no longer be heard again. For The New York Times:

Stephen Prince, a Democrat from Nashville, he is not happy with his earnings. He believes that Trump's tax cuts are misleading and ultimately bad for the country, even if they fill his already robust bank account. "I'm pissed about that," Mr. Prince said, speaking through FaceTime on a four-month cruise around the world with his wife.

Mr. Prince has found the camaraderie between an ad hoc group of wealthy individuals known as patriotic billionaires. Founded in 2010 by Morris Pearl, former BlackRock executive, the close-knit group supports higher taxes for businesses and the rich. In recent years they have met legislators in Washington and in various capitals of the state, have testified before the Congress and approved candidates who support higher taxes for the rich.

"We are very concerned about this huge inequality," Pearl said Times. "And the tax cut was designed to make the rich richer.I do not work at all, but I'm making more money than most of the people who work, and I'm paying less tax than them.It's a good deal if you can get it, but it's not good for the country ".

Jack Dorsey loves what Elon Musk is doing on Twitter

That is: courting legal actions for defamation and being sued by the S.E.C., among other things:

The CEO of Twitter Inc. Jack Dorsey raised a few eyebrows on Tuesday during a live interview with live tweets when asked who is the most exciting and influential person on his platform. . . . Although Musk is one of the most prolific and noteworthy tweeters in Silicon Valley, this has also gone to his detriment. Musk was accused of being bullied by journalists on Twitter, and Tesla's title regularly fluctuated wildly based on Musk's candid tweets, leading some analysts and investors to suggest he should curb his tweeting habit.

Some of his tweets have had serious consequences: Musk is facing a defamation lawsuit for calling a sneaky pedophile Briton in a tweet, and he lost his job as president of Tesla last year as part of an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission after an unfortunate tweet that suggested Tesla to have financial support to become private – in fact, it is not so, which led to allegations of having deceived investors.

Somewhere else!

US tax revenues fall, the deficit widens as a result of the new tax law (W.S.J.)

Bank of America says it does not return to its $ 400 million plan for the Brexit move (Financial Times)

As a loophole of the Nasdaq has fed a growth of 3.750% (W.S.J.)

Black Oxman Has Pershing Square Capital Up of almost 25 percent the year (DealBreaker)

The royalties in 1983 the classic "places of exchange" of finance go up for the offer (Bloomberg)

The Fed official warns that he has not unintentionally grabbed the growth of the United States (Financial Times)

Zinke collaborates with Lewandowski at the lobbying company (Politico) of the D.C.

Chuck E. Cheese denies conspiracy theory that reuses pizza slices (N.Y.P.)


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