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tried to try to poison the occupant of his life

A 51-year-old man is being tried in the Alpes-Maritimes Assize Court for having tried to poison, between 10 February and 7 April 2015, Suzanne, an eighty-year-old to whom he had bought an apartment in 2008, in Le Cannet.

The accused, Olivier Cappelaere, would have paid at least three atropine in the mineral water of the victim when he went to his house, even once in his absence. The same lady was the same night hospitalized for serious neurological disorderslike his neighbor, a civil party in this case, who reportedly drank the poisoned water.

The urine and blood tests revealed to Suzanne de presence of a deadly poison. A product discovered at the home of Olivier Cappelaere, in the form of eye drops.

In the midst of financial problems, the 50-year-old is locked up almost four years in custody. This Monday, March 4 at the hearing, he again denied the facts, but he risks life for poisoning with premeditation

The fifties is also suspected in a similar case. Indeed, traces of atropine were excavated on the body of one of her neighbors who died in 2014 and of which he became legatee. But this case, which is still under investigation, should be the subject of a new lawsuit.

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