Home news Thousands of students call for Bouteflika's resignation | TIME ONLINE

Thousands of students call for Bouteflika's resignation | TIME ONLINE

Several thousand students are in Algeria against the president Abdelaziz Bouteflika went to the streets to demand his resignation. Bouteflika had previously stated that he would remain president after the end of his official term on April 28. The protesters demand that the head of state then resign.

March 19, 1962: End of the Algerian War March 19, 2019: Start of System Change ", was written on a banner. Students from several universities in the capital Algiers came to the demonstration. Professors, doctors and nurses also joined the protests. Together they chanted, "You ruined Algeria, you have to go!" According to Algerian media and social networks, it also happened in other cities Algeria to protests.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui, who was only sworn in in mid-March, continued his consultations on forming a government. However, the opposition's largest parties and numerous trade unionists continued to refuse talks with Bedoui. The government-related newspaper El Moudjahid therefore accused the opposition of complaining about a comfortable situation over the government instead of "entering the arena" and making proposals for reform.

After weeks of protests, the 82-year-old Bouteflika had dropped from a new candidacy, but at the same time postponed the election scheduled for 18 April indefinitely. He will stay in office until further notice.

 Meanwhile, a "National Conference" should prepare a proposal for a new Algerian constitution.

Bouteflika is 20 years old
Years in power. Since a stroke, he sits in a wheelchair and has great problems speaking. In the
He hardly shows himself public anymore.


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