Home news Theresa May Criticizes Parliament for Brexit Delay | TIME ONLINE

Theresa May Criticizes Parliament for Brexit Delay | TIME ONLINE

Theresa May has the British Parliament for the impending
Delays in EU exit blamed. "The
MPs were unable to find a way for implementation
of the United Kingdom's exit, "May said
Wednesday evening at a statement in the seat of government Downing Street
10 in London. The result is now that the Brexit not as planned
on 29 March with an agreement. "I regret
that personally very much, "said May. Last week had that
Parliament May's deal already rejected for the second time.

Prime Minister described what she negotiated
Withdrawal contract as the best possible. "I sincerely hope that the deputies will find a way to
to support the agreement that I have negotiated with the EU ",
said May.

Previously, May had an application shift
of the EU exit
placed with the EU until 30 June. EU Council chief
Donald Tusk then signaled readiness for a "short
Postponement ", provided that the British Parliament
still accept the withdrawal contract. The shift needs
unanimously approved by the remaining 27 EU countries. you
advise on Thursday at the summit in Brussels.

will that May want to try their Brexit agreement in the coming
Week again to vote. And that, though that
Contract package has already been rejected twice by a large majority –
and Parliament President John Bercow citing an old one
Parliament rule will only allow a third vote if
the template is "substantial" of the previous one

Actually, Britain should already
leave the EU on 29 March. But this date is out
in the event of withdrawal without agreement no longer comply.
For more than 30 June, May wants the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum after own
But under no circumstances postpone to attend
Britain to avoid the European elections. It is unclear what will happen if Mays contract is rejected for the third time. British media have already speculated that May will announce new elections for this case. But she has not done that yet.


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