"There can be no automatism" | TIME ONLINE


The EU leaders do not want to choose one of the top candidates in the European elections as EU Commission President without further ado. "There can be no automatism," said EU Council President Donald Tusk after the EU special summit in Brussels. Rather, the Heads of State and Government would suggest a candidate that Parliament would vote on it.

French President Emmanuel Macron said, "We need the best." If the camps in parliament insisted on the free skate of their top candidates, there would be a blockade.

Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed that she could not agree with Macron on a common line. She said, "It is clear that he is not a supporter of
One must live with it: The EPP is clearly the strongest group after the European election weekend, but they need a majority for partners.

Merkel calls for compromise

Merkel called for a consensus decision: "Everyone is
asked to be tolerant and willing to compromise, "she said
was to tear no wounds, the later things decisions
would complicate, such as the establishment of a long-standing
Budget. EU Council President
Tusk should have talks with the European Parliament
and heads of state and government. According to Merkel, the deadline for the end of June is to record the decision on the nomination of a Commission chief.

The Chancellor defended the Application of the CSU politician
 Manfred Weber
for the post. She warned against joining the EU Parliament
say that experience is not there
enough to get the job. Macron had said last week that experience in a government or the EU Commission for the post "indisputably an important criterion." Weber as the leading candidate of the European People's Party (EPP) lacks such experience. He has been sitting in the EU Parliament since 2004 and has been the EPP faction leader since 2014.

Council President Tusk pointed out that not only the next Commission President was being discussed. But it is also about the awarding of other posts such as the EU Council President or the EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner. It is also about a geographical balance and the consideration of women. Tusk announced that at least half of the new top positions in the EU with women
to be occupied. For this it has a majority in the deliberations
given EU leaders, Tusk said after the end of the
EU summit.