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The yellow vests are not deterred by Macron's hard line | TIME ONLINE

French President Emmanuel Macron has used anti-terrorist units to protect him against rioting yellow vests, in fact it remained comparatively quiet at the weekend demonstrations. Does Macron get the protest movement under control? Simone Gaul talks about this with Annika Joeres, she is a writer for ZEIT ONLINE, lives in southern France and says: The yellow vests have changed the country significantly.

When a Germanwings Airbus crashes in the French Alps
150 people died four years ago. Among them were also
16 pupils and two teachers of the
Joseph-König-Gymnasium in Haltern am See. Felix Schröder, Hospitant in the opportunities department of the ZEIT has with
Headmaster Ulrich Wessel talked about dealing with the disaster.

Also: It's showtime, Again.

Collaboration: Anne Schwedt, Jaakko Kacsóh

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