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The woman who was fatally stabbed when she jogged will be buried as a bride

"My heart is broken in a thousand pieces … but I forgive that man because I know that he was not, it was someone else, it was the evil that was incarnated in him, by him, so I forgive and leave Make God do what he has to do, "said Cora Martínez, mother of the deceased, on Thursday evening. According to her Wendy Martinez would be buried with the same wedding dress that he had tried days ago as part of the preparations for his wedding.

His death is as sad as it is inexplicable. On September 18, the 35-year-old woman ran around 8:00 pm (Eastern Time) through the quiet neighborhood of Logan Circle when a man stuck her in the neck.

She ran to a nearby restaurant to ask for help, came out amazing and bloody. Some customers who were there were afraid, while others tried to help her. Everything was captured by security cameras.

When the emergency services arrived, they saw Martinez with multiple stab wounds on his neck.

The police he said that the stitching was apparently random because there is no information suggesting that the suspect and the victim knew each other before. Nor is it being investigated as an attempt at robbery.

The inmate and accused for the murder is Anthony Crawford, 23, a young man who has a criminal record in which, according to the police, there is no evidence of violence.

The authorities are investigating whether the accused has mental health problems or has used some kind of synthetic drugs.

I would get married

the watch It included a moment of silence and various speakers who encouraged people not to give in to negativity or to live in fear.

Wendy Martinez & # 39; s friend, Daniel Hincapié, was there.

He had asked her to marry a few weeks ago and she had accepted. Wendy Martinez portrayed the moment by posting photos on social networks with her new engagement ring.

His mother described at the vigil that her daughter was "at the happiest stage of her life". She was happy to plan the details of her wedding.

Together they were going to see dresses from girlfriend Wendy Martinez had already chosen one and only had to move in on Thursday or Friday, the same time her family organizes the news for her funeral.

"I never thought that when she tried her wedding dress days ago, she bought the suit for her funeral", he said his mother in an interview with NBC Washington. The couple would marry in two months.

Hincapié, the fiancée of Martinez, was one of the vigils of the vigil.

"He always shows us the best of us, and simply gives us love and kindness that will stay with us forever (…) you will always be with us," said Hincapié.

Then Hincapié said at a press conference: "It is very difficult to describe what it feels like when you go to such sorrow from a moment of so much happiness."

"This is a great city, I have lived here for almost 10 years, this is my home … Here I have met my love, here I am engaged, this is my place, and I am sure Wendy Erg is glad we are here all together, "he said.

Wendy's brother, Juan Carlos Martinez, also spoke and said: "I do not want anyone here to doubt this isolated incident about what the city really is, keep running, continue to do your daily activities, she would like it , "he said.

Proud of Hispanidad

The 35-year-old woman lived in Northwest, Washington DC, and was near Logan Circle.

His family lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was a short time since Martinez had dedicated herself to her friend. The Martinez came to the US from Nicaragua many years ago when she was a child.

The family of his fiancée was from Colombia, according to what was indicated by Univision Noticias.

The Palm Beach Post he published in 2005 that Martínez was one of eight university students who were selected for an internship at the Congress Hispanic Leadership Institute, a non-partisan organization that deals with issues relating to Americans of Spanish and Portuguese origin.

The paper says that Martinez also did a few weeks' internship for the then Republican Congressman of Florida, Mario Diaz-Balart.

The young woman attended George Washington University and earned a master's degree in Latin American studies in 2012. Wendy's mother told her The Washington Post that his daughter had worked for the Nicaraguan embassy.

She was a young woman who was extremely proud of her Spanish heritage, her mother told the newspaper.

"We are deeply saddened by this senseless tragedy (…) Wendy Karina Martínez was the light of our lives," he said.

The murder was recorded

In just 48 hours, the officers managed to arrest the suspect of the crime, partly because they spread the videos of the attack and the attacker.

They have released the recordings of monitoring on all possible platforms, including YouTube.

In one of the surveillance recordings the alleged attacker was seen walking through 11th Street NW with a long-sleeved shirt that reached up to his waist.

Another security camera makes him walk with a knife in his hand.

A third shot shows Wendy Martinez entering the restaurant to ask for help, with her clothes covered in blood.

The weapon used for stabbing was found near the crime scene.

The police say that the attacker's video and the calls from the public helped them to locate the suspect. The man was armed when he was arrested on Wednesday night in a nearby nearby park.

The police he said at a press conference that Anthony Crawford "does not work for the time being".

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