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The United States Of Motörhead – Kerrang!

No band will ever be as great as Motörhead, but Denver's Speedwolf tried the worst. Reed Bruemmer is the foreman of Speedwolf, a rock-and-roll lifer and a Lemmy historian of local fame. Today, in honor of the third anniversary of Lemmy & # 39; s death, he offers you a bar in every state of the United States to drink and to remember Mr. Kilmister. Continue to scroll to view its memorial Motörhead playlist.


It's three years ago, goddamned. This December marks the third year of the death of Lemmy Kilmister. And in January 2018, after the death of Fast Eddie Clark, all the original members of Motörhead had finally bitten the dust. For example, the speed freaks of rock & # 39; n-roll disappeared. Which other band was more timeless, steadfast and consistent in their mission? We now know that after 45 years there is no more Motorhead. How did we deal? How will we boogie? Who will shake our blood? Snakebite our wrist? Iron fist? The bacon torpedo? If you pinch my lizard, will I place my snake on you?

There is hope.

No, I lied, but there is drink!

I hope to inspire you with courage – so fluid. Stay stained while trying to honor God yourself, and do it wrong. Do everything wrong. Become completely blown up, destroyed or distilled in the meat. Go to the tavern and park your motorcycle in the bar. Cry on a jukebox around midnight and pray for your drums. Curse the squares that hijacked your taverns, barstools and airwaves. Challenge every pattern for a fistfight and remember that eating in prison is free and there is no vacancy. The crime part is your call, but do not forget that rock & # 39; n & # 39; roll is not up for discussion.

This is a list of real boozers & # 39 ;, where you can sip and suck until you are turned to perfection. In homage of course. In your own damn town. Make sure you always keep your sunglasses off. The volume up. Whiskey with cola. This is a ritual and not a silent night.

2514 10th Ave S
Birmingham, ALREADY 35205

A few theme's will resonate in Motörhead-fitting bars – a lack of windows, rock-and-roll music and blue-riveted customers. The Nick houses all of this, and although there are quite a few water holes on the outskirts of the city in Alabama that I would normally prefer, this is a safe bet in Birmingham.

20146 Pilots Rd
Chugiak, AK 99.567

Alaska is the last frontier, and a rare breed of people calls it home. I have seen bikers from out there who wore coonskin hats, gloves suitable for a fur trapper and two or more guns everywhere they roamed. It is a faded manifestation destination, but it is still there. The weather forces a unique confidence of self-sufficiency that I have never seen in the bottom 48, a real resilience and grit that once thrived in America. The best way to catch a glimpse is to scour with people in places like The Birchwood. Imagine that Phil Taylor is not dead, but lives in a cave dressed like Davey Crockett, just outside the city, and you have the idea. After all, it's in there CHUG-iak.

6746 E Cave Creek Rd
Cave Creek, AZ

This is a real roadside restaurant, in a real desert city, full of real people. Large brand beer / whiskey is the drink of choice. Your parents will probably hang around there, and that's cool. People open arms and carry you a cunt for riding on a Honda Shadow. The bartenders are hyper-tanned 21-year-old women just graduated from Applebee & # 39; s. These things can be most upsetting, but for me and boys like Lemmy I find them all very cute. Drink up.

2500 W 7th St
Small stone, AR 72205

Arkansas is hard and struggles with live music. I only occasionally toured and usually we went straight to Tennessee. Similar to parts of Missouri, most of Arkansas is lawless, or so it feels. Be as drunk as you want and shout your heart out on top of a mountain of sprout. Plant your own organic meth garden. Do a burnout on brown grass for something important. White Water is a place where all things are possible. They book shows and serve drinks.

267 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Yes, no shit, of course you would think that The Rainbow would be the obvious answer, but you are wrong. In fact, if you've ever had that goofy parody-of-self connection, then you know exactly what I mean. I have been there eleven times looking for God himself, and I never got a chance (although I met two porn stars and the singer from Puddle or Mud asked me to score him with speed). For the real work, take skid row to the center Five Star Bar. Heavy music, dirt, volume, people at the end of the rope and headbanging.

2060 Champa St
Denver, CO 80205

The bar so nice they called it twice. The problem that occurs when most people say, "I'm just going to dive sites" is that most real dives are not full of reclaimed wood and a bearded / tattooed bartender. A & # 39; dive & # 39; is full of real people – people who have really been broke, people who really drink and only work to repeat it. These, I think, are Lemmy & # 39; s people, and Bar Bar has them in spades. Not to mention, there is an open bluesjam on Sunday, where I once saw a gentleman play a crack pipe as a harmonica. You can not come up with that.

120 Belden St
New Britain, CT 06051

This is a house where the living room is a bar, damn it. How cool is that? You walk through a gate and front yard and then into a bar. You can enjoy cigarettes on the veranda. In fact, I still think you can smoke inside. I imagine that the smoking laws differ a bit if your stay and business are the same. Most patrons are over 40 and hate the modern world. When you open the front door and beam a triangle of daylight over the floor, you get the slow, cold voice of real drunks wondering: & # 39; What in the world did you do? & # 39; Pure Motörhead.

DELAWAREstrangeness BAR
500 Greenhill Ave
Wilmington, THE 19805

Bingo with drag queens in a comic shop is refreshing. Live music and old banks are also reassuring. And no matter how silly this sounds, nothing in an ordinary bar is more suitable for a hard-working drunk like Lemmy than a leather-bound high barstool that turns.

1450 Skipper Rd
Tampa, FL 33613

Florida is hard to understand – you have to go north to feel in the south, most people have an East Coast accent and everyone has pills (including grandmother). But I think it's a paradise? This comic store bar has charm and I love it. I once took photos with George "Corpsgrinder" Fisher and another guitarist from Cannibal Corpse, asking when they would make a shirt with the cover design for the Euro-Maxi Single from Hammer Smashed Face & # 39 ; on it. Search for rock-n-roll inside and make a brisk short walk to crack in the neighborhood.

789 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GO 30306

For those of us who have been, this is an obvious choice. Quiet and wild. Employees who break beers can between breasts. And a colorful crowd of serious creeps. I highly recommend the karaoke-with-strippers evenings, where I believe they still have Ace of Spades in the sticky book of songs.

153 Hamakua Dr. # A
Kailua, HI 96734

Located just around the Horn of Honolulu, Creekside Lounge is the only dive on Oahu. The only time I visited Hawaii, I imagined it to be home to hundreds of ancient Japanese Thai dungeons reminiscent of secret island uprisings. Instead, there were Rip Curl t-shirts, women with holiday giants and Japanese men smoking as if it were their job. I saw that Lemmy wore a headband with rising sun, a frightening short shorts, a Samurai sword from the Marlboro brand swaying in the face of frightened tourists and shouted: "That's not vacation, mate, this is how you do it! "

430 S 10th Street
Boise, ID card 83702

For some this may seem like a quiet hiding place for the skaters of the Foot Clan, but for the real drunks of the world who dislike strangeness and life for the darkness, look no further than this, the only one DIY heavy music component in Boise. Live music, old video games, a small patio in the back and it's all in a warehouse district where you can pee on most objects.

2100 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

This small pub hosts a whole series of events for the thriving metal community in Chicago. Once a month they organize the Metal Market, an open exchange meeting. Most beers are less than $ 5 during Happy Hour, and no one will disturb you if you see a hole in the bartop under your drink. Say hola to the satanic Iberians selling bootleg shirts in the back and Matt Putrid buying a Jameson for me.

1121 Broadway
Ft. Wayne, IN 46802

John Mellencamp came from Indiana. He was born in a small town and sang about pink houses for shitty presidential campaigns in the 80s. Lemmy was not and did not. Could you imagine that he had a kind of mid-career crisis and did Cougar claim his second name? Lemmy Cougar Kilmeister, the singer of Middle Americahead. That was a stupid joke, but I love this bar.

3013 Ingersoll
Des Moines, IA 50312

Linoleum countertops are and vogue and Central America. Or should I say, is sustainability? Or should I just say function and not fashion? Anyway, this bar is great. They serve cheap beer, it is small and the customers are mostly cyclists and punks. Do you remember punk? Do you think of cyclists? Lemmy always remembered both. Chug.

4048 Broadway St
Kansas city, MO 64111

There is a slight amount of sleaze and stickiness that every rock-and-roll fan should enjoy, whether they admit it or not. And believe me, in Central America your rocker options are limited. For example, I do not really like Pantera, but under the glow of a Jagermeister machine with a bar at the top, everything is possible. This beautiful establishment was the first reunion show of Order From Chaos, for which I drove back and forth for 20 hours (both sides hung). I headbanged so hard that I hit Chuck Keller's guitar neck and blew purple (Jaeger).

1398 S 2nd St
Louisville, KY 40208

Kentucky is the fuck worn out. It is one of the poorest states in the union and drugs kill tons of people. Not to paint a negative image, but there are plenty of reasons to blow off steam through the difficult times in places like this. Rock & roll; was formerly the medicine that brought us back to life. Zinc in your stool under a neon light that illuminates the air conditioning. & # 39; Live music, posters of naked tits and cold beer are readily available.

2227 St Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA 70117

Simply put, this is THE bar in New Orleans for rock n & # 39; roll and heavy metal, owned by a Mr. Muscle, one of the few who kept the music alive after & # 39; the storm & # 39 ;. Pour everything you want into a plastic cup, do not expect you to ever find a door in the bathroom and try Russian vegan food – it is surprisingly hearty, but it lacks the cruelty and iron that you prefer. I imagine Lemmy is at the front door, looking at the sidewalk full of crust punks who do not pay the $ 5 cover, but insist on posing outside, Instagraming how they are the best friends with Big Freedia.

6427 Harford Rd
Baltimore, MD 21214

Motörhead is motor music. We are riding at Iron Horse, and Iron Horse we would like to die. Stop using thumb screws on the screen of your phone (unless you read this article) and turn a throttle. Drive to the holiday home. Breathe in the wood-clad walls and look in fear at the pictures of your mothers and ads of Easy Riders plastered everywhere.

3 Harvard Ave.
Allston, MA 02134

I have been nominated a bar near Boston with an Irish name – shocker! At the first inspection, O & # 39; Brien & # 39; s might seem boring, but it is willingness to provide a platform for heavy music in blue blood. Demobrat hell gives us all hope. I once played a show there, with a friend's band happily sing along to Motörhead, was told that my band sounded like DMZ (old Boston band RnR), and left feeling rejuvenated by the sharp humor of Boston. I told a stranger that I missed Seth Putnam and Drop Dead. He laughed and sincerely understood my grief. Boston is still built for speed.

2930 Jacob St
Hamtramck, MI 48212

I once played a show here with a band called Shitfucker. I have argued about football with the shared guitarist from Acid Witch. We played with total tour-hardened precision to a full crowd of silence. I joked nervously and thanked the audience and the city of Detroit for his rock n roll. We ended without laughing, without clapping – only blank tail. Then the barman looked me dead in the eye, clapped once, turned to the stereo, wriggled Under My Wheels by Alice Cooper, and the whole bar burst from cheers. Totally confused, we unloaded our belongings, then went to the house of Dick Shitfucker and fell asleep with the sounds KISS& # 39; Love Gun album on full volume from his sex church. Lemmy would approve it.

409 E Hempin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

In the big city of America, the recent thematic sales scheme to make your city bar look dusty VFW worn wooden hole in the wall. Funny how that works, huh? In one way or another, what is normal in a small city United States For decades, it has all become frenzied at the height of urban disease. Everything that keeps internet blogs and cool Instagram cowboys better at your job as an art director. You'll be laughed at the Terminal Bar door and Lemmy's ghost will mutter strange British insults while the smoke of Marlboro brandy tobacco disappears into the air.

5035 I-55 north facade
Jackson, MRS 39206

This is a roadside restaurant where you get your kick. You can still smoke inside because it is your God-given right. Go to Jackson, comb your hair and get drunk.

5841 Bunkum Rd
Washington Park, IL 62204

East St. Louis is technically not part of the state of Missouri, but it is indeed included in the territories of sleaze and double wide. During my many times that shows are played STLOur group of degenerators drank into bars in the city and eventually reached our East Side and grabbed the extra two hours of legal drinking. I will never forget Scarlett & # 39; s first time and I saw a man who touched several strippers. I grinned and waited for security to remove the head of the client, but I was shocked to realize that the dancers encouraged this kind of behavior. I have been around the world and to my fair share of tit taverns but this was unheard of. Who knows if Lemmy would approve?

123 E Main
Angry man, MT 59715

I once stopped in Bozeman after a long motorcycle ride on I-90, very thirsty. Crystal Bar was a fresh wind. Shortly after my quench, I looked at a map on my phone to measure distances for my next stop. I paused and looked around the bar and noticed that I was the only patron who stared at a phone. Feelings of shame, when relief and complete joy submerged into. People told each other stories, talking to staff and social networks in the old-fashioned way. Old souls like Lemmy live in branches like this.

1510 N Saddle Creek Rd
Omaha, NE 68104

Speed ​​is always in season in Nebraska. If you enjoy your liquor, a dark amber color (and your drugs of the same color), can I recommend Omaha? I seriously doubt whether cities like these will ever fall victim to gentrification. Lifer, like Lemmy, can easily take up the shadows and settle in The Homy Inn. Make sure you try the champagne on tap.

4640 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169

I am grateful that in my short time on earth I have traveled around the world, and it has given me more experiences and lessons of life than I can count. It is the kind of world where you have to learn to roll with the punches, because frankly you have no choice. For example, I have played the Las Vegas Double Down Saloon probably four or five times in my younger years. Never did they have one FATHER when we showed up, nor did they know we were playing. The shows always started as a nightmare and ended the best nights of my life. No windows, incredibly dark and the sweet smell of beer. To enjoy.

St. Rose Of Lima Cemetery
77 Clay St
Littleton, NH

If Lemmy is god, GG was a good fourth. His work reflects back to a time when punk was violent, mysterious and disgusting. No politics, no religion, only the music versus everyone. There is no need to try to find the finer connections between Lemmy and GGbut please take something to his burial site, because there are not many bars that Lemmy would like to have in New Hampshire.

620 from Houten Ave
Clifton, NJ 07013

My first impression of Jersey is that of a gigantic industrial suburb between two large ones U.S cities. Hard rock thrives in the burbs. people in NYC grinning at the mention of the Garden State, but take a pause of pretension, and you will find your inner bluntness. This bar is perhaps the only place outside of Canada where a Manowar shirt, a screaming skull bandana and fingerless gloves can make you fuck.

311 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

To be honest, it helps Knockouts' reputation that there are really not many places with action in Albuquerque. If you're in town, there are some honorable mentions: go to limits for X-mas smothered anything or walk down Central enjoying the tweakers, lowriders and alien radiation. Ask a local where they got their facial tattoo, take an inner tube to the Indian School and wait for rain, and see if you can find any remains of punk near the campus. Whatever you do, stop at Knockouts. Can I recommend the puttequila? It is very popular.

644 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Lucky 13 is not my favorite bar in Brooklyn, but I believe Lemmy loved it the most. It features equal parts of middle-aged pseudo-tough cheese cheese and a brand new leather biker fragrance. There are stripper poles at the bar. For a week Mortician brings a zombie bloodbath live on rope, and the next a bartender with an upper arm with a bill for a ski scarf can proclaim how completely sick the new Volbeat album is. & # 39; Charm and cheese with a touch of sleaze: seems more appropriate for Lemmy than let's say any other signless, artisan mess in Brooklyn.

513 W Peace St
Raleigh, NC 27603

I have never been to this bar before. Recommended by a friend. Raleigh is okay. The tobacco in Lemmy's cigarettes is grown in the neighborhood. Beer and neon lights fit well together.

16 12th St S
Fargo, ND 58103

I threw outside Duffy's once and was taken home by a big native bouncer called Hector to a hotel that had blood on the sheets. Rednecks from the north line. Lemmy would drink here.

11213 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102

The owner of NTC know he has THE the most punk bar in the city. He does what he wants, like making two locations in one, building a complete half pipe for a podium and serving malt liquid on a menu. Stop on Sunday and watch a Browns game for the Halftime Huff, where customers get paint from a shared brown bag. Or smash the appropriate stool when the team loses (because they will). Rust calls rock n roll forever!

520 E 3rd street
Tulsa, OK 74120

Tulsa is a window on the past and a glimpse of the future: a small town where a young music fan can do anything they want. Here you can buy a house for a reasonable price, book your own festivals and start five bands. In cities like this, only one driven person is needed to keep the scene alive. One of the most standup and hard working people I have experienced with life in Tulsa and does all these things. His favorite bar is The Fur Shop. When we were on our way, our van broke out of the bar. I looked inside for a helping hand and found one ASE-certified technician who asked me to hold both guns and pour beer into his mouth while re-wire our ignition switch. God bless America. Stone deaf in the United States!

3620 SE 35th Pl
Portland, OR 97202

Portland is where punks are going to die and then start a new band. There are many strip clubs here, and they are all a stunner, but only Rose City Strip has a giant Motörhead mural and King Diamond posters on the wall. They even do heavy metal trivia evenings. Viva rock music in comic strips. As far as the northwest is concerned, fewer bloggers, more loggers, amen.

3117 Brereton St
Pittsburgh, FATHER 15219

Pennsylvania is a rectangular Dutch blue hell that contains some of the best bars in the country, but it takes the crown. Gooski & # 39; s lies next to nothing else cool and in a street where there is nothing but old houses. In fact, the bar feels like it is the first floor or a few poor old Polish grandmothers at home. There are Naugahyde bar stools and stalls and fresh perogies made by nuns and punk – what's fun about it?

1718 Westminster St
Providence, RI 02909

The Scurvy Dog is home in Providence and Providence is home to Dropdead, and guitarist Ben Arnett and vocalist Bob Otis are responsible for most punks in the region. I'm not sure if they are mega-fans of Lemmy, because he decorated German war zones, leather, cigarettes and company drinks – the latter is specifically forbidden in The Dog – but if there is something to drink for Lemmy's health in Rhode Island, this would be it.

953 N Pleasantburg Dr
Greenville, SC 29607

The feeling of being trapped in a hut with beer and good times does not hurt, and The Bar offers that in spades. Greenville is friendly and you can smoke almost anywhere. It is your right as an American to pay to die if you want.

657 Main St
Deadwood, SD 57732

The Black Hills of South Dakota are a part of the country that every rocker must see, as it is the home of the legendary Western outlaw folklore. As a fan, I have Motörhead & # 39; s & # 39; Shoot You in the Back & # 39; always interpreted as a song about Wild Bill Hickok (being shot at the back was perhaps a dead giveaway). At Saloon # 10 in Deadwood you can see the chair where Wild Bill died. They have seen dust on the floor and serve bourbon. It is old-fashioned and perfect, just like Lem himself.

115 27th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37203

Nashville, like most cities, has become a parody of Disneyland. In some corners the cheese still changes in charm, while in others it is unfortunately bulldozer and covered with a yoga mat. The young punks of the city make you believe that the dives are Fubar or Duke's, but leave those places to the big ones and their phones. Go to the dead end of Broadway and stand in the shadow of the Parthenon. Enter a room full of real drinkers, mature and road-hard. A place where you can count years of bad decisions on the walls next to hand-picked decorations from Dollar General.

1502 E 6th St
Austin, TX 78702

From relaxed live music on hill country to shouting to the moon, high on acidity, in the Zilker park at midnight – in Texas you can live and live freely. But the big takeover is here, people: business yuppie-hell has crushed the pleasure of Austin like a beetle, and nowadays everyone is wailing. Well, I really believe that Hotel Vegas might be the last place in the city. Imagine yourself to someone who has a bond and then hear about the seven others in which they play. View the incredible posters made by artist Ben Tipton, try to moshen between load-bearing poles, or pass out on the terrace with strangers.

315 Main St
Salt more city, UT 84111

In a state that is notoriously strict on liquor, good bars are scarce. I am not aware of the current changes to the alcohol laws in Utah, but in years before customers had to be sponsored & # 39; to drink in social clubs & # 39 ;. Sounds like some shit from the 1920s, right? No, those are the 2000s in the great Mormon state of Utah: you would walk into a tavern and beg for the oldest drunken to sponsor you for a drink that contained more than 3.2% alcohol. Something in this oppressive culture creates some real psychopaths, the kind of guys that usually make great music and always have something to be angry about. The real individuals of society hide in full view, in places like Cheers To You. Go in search of your benefactor.

16 Harmony place
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Brattleboro is home to artists like J. Mascis and Dinosaur Jr, but I do not like those groups and I do not think Lemmy will. What better place to withdraw from music that is annoyingly melodious (and in some way ear piercing) thanks to a bar named after the place where the Joker rests his head? Go and play air hockey and drown in Bud here – Lemmy would have liked that.

929 W Grace St
Richmond, VA 23220

Richmond has a lot of serious rock institutes that are dedicated to keeping faith. Settings such as Vinyl Conflict, Gwar Bar, Best Friends Day, Municipal Waste, Battlemaster, and not far from the birthplace of American Hardcore. But Strange Matter is THE great place to enjoy a drink in the dark with a steady stream of live music.

433 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98109

During my last visit to Seattle, I felt that I had run into a shitty Ralph Lauren commercial from 1992, waded through yuppies with sweaters draped over their shoulders and carrying vintage speed boats across the Sound. Anyway, there is still weeds, remnants of bad grunge and people cleaning their broom closets for rock-n-roll. Victory Lounge has all that, AND a patio so you can sunbathe in the, uh … gray.

14 1/2 Capitol St
Charleston, WV 25301

Hillbilly people are a dying breed and West Virginia is their last proposition. If you just go through it or stay overnight, you can still feel the last salts of the earth being distributed throughout Charleston. And in the local bars you can still hear bits and pieces of the true outlaw spirit that only exists in Appalachia. Lemmy was someone who was defined by his ability to walk his own way and never strayed. Go to the Blue Parrot and experience it all before it's too late.

2800 S Kinnickinnic Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Milwaukee is the cradle of the American American machine, so of course Lemmy would feel at home here. I once had the pleasure of melting my brain to the Christian Mistress in Frank & # 39; s, so I will always love it. Grow a beard, have a sausage, become fat and weird. Milwaukee loves Lemmy.

222 W Lincoln Way

Cheyenne, WY 82001

No real Motörhead fan will question Lemmy's fascination with the old West. I know it sounds like regurgitated garbage when you hear: & # 39; In Wyoming the spirit of the West lives, but unfortunately, in some of the most horrible ways, that is true. Locals are hard and going to the city is still a big problem. It is not uncommon to drink with cowboys, motorcyclists, drills and speed freaks. I once saw a man throw an arrow in someone's head, then looked at an Ozzy tribute band and left with curses that I would never drink Crown Royal again. The Wild West has earned its name. Not the Wild West Coast or the Wild East Coast, THE Wild West. Go and see it and maybe even buy your drinks to go (yes, that's legal there).

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