The ‘thoughts of Prince Harry were in Meghan’ during the performance of the ‘tough’ Palace

A safe-looking Prince Harry showed a tough performance during his first public outing since the bomb announcement last week, said a body language expert.

This morning, the Duke arrived at Buckingham Palace, the week after he announced that his plans were moving away from his main role in the royal family.

He met school children and delegates from the 21 countries of the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

At 12 p.m., he joined rugby legend Jason Robinson and Britain’s most decorated Olympic athlete, Katherine Grainger, to make the draw.

While the Prince was busy choosing England’s opponents in the opening game, body language expert Judi James was paying close attention to every royalty movement.

Harry raises his thumb up
(Image: MDM)

“Harry’s gesture of approval says it all here,” Judi explained.

“(Used) as a confirmation signal that everything is fine.

“The thumb is erect, showing an emphatic emphasis on endurance and tranquility, and his arm is extended to ensure that the gesture is intentional and that everyone sees it.”

Harry’s facial expression is “incongruous” with his manual signals.
(Image: MDM)

As for the duke’s facial expressions, the overall impression was a little less clear.

“But with (the thumb up) comes an incongruous facial expression, with his smile suffering signs of tension around the lower jaw, which also seems to stand out a little, hinting at bravado,” Judi continued.

“The thumbs up could be used by Harry both to increase his own confidence and to point his guests here.”

It seems that Harry took advantage of the occasion in what could have been a difficult day, exhibiting positive and cheerful behavior.

However, a small gesture suggested that not all the Prince’s thoughts were centered on the events of the day.

The duke seemed to be choosing his wedding ring.
The duke seemed to be choosing his wedding ring.
(Image: PA)
Harry seemed to be dating on the air in a moment
Harry seemed to be dating on the air in a moment
(Image: AFP through Getty Images)

Judi continued: “In general, this very active and cheerful-looking appearance showed several signs of an optimistic and full-of-energy approach, although when your right hand is involved in safe gesticulation, it is seen that the left makes a slight finger touch anxious”.

“Harry’s two-handed cupping gesture or even what looks like an air quotes gesture suggests that he is in a dominant but playful mood, but his feature of touching his wedding ring reveals where his thoughts and emotions could also be internal. “

Harry’s appearance today was the first since he and Meghan announced their intentions to withdraw from their main roles in the royal family.

Harry and Meghan with their son Archie
Harry and Meghan with their son Archie
(Image: Getty Images)

The Sussex said they wanted to be financially independent and intended to divide their time between Britain and Canada.

The announcement of the bomb led to a two-hour Sandringham summit, after which the Queen issued a rare statement saying she would have preferred the couple to remain royalty full time.

He was referring to the couple simply as Harry and Meghan and “the Sussex”, instead of using their formal titles.

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Meghan and Harry ‘back off’ from real life

In any case, the couple’s high-risk bet was worth it in the sense that the Queen gave her reluctant blessing to separate.

Meghan then flew back to Vancouver to be with little Archie, leaving Harry back in Britain to weather the storm alone.


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