The super PAC Democrats reserve the first television commercials in a $ 150 million anti-Trump boost

An announcement that is currently published in Michigan, for example, tells a story about reducing the share of the US economy in the state. “Trump promised Michigan that he would recover all the jobs, but his commercial war has killed 300,000 so far,” he reads.

The group is not reserving ads in all markets in those four states. In Florida, for example, Miami is missing, as are Tallahassee and Jacksonville. In Pennsylvania, the initial list of reservations does not include Philadelphia.

“Every time you enter larger markets, they become less efficient,” Cecil said of the television commercials, adding that there would be digital campaigns in those markets.

The largest amount of television money was being reserved in Florida ($ 12.6 million) and its 29 electoral votes, the highest reward of any decisive state. But Cecil said the three midwestern states, each of which would have between $ 5.8 million and $ 6 million in initial reserves, were more likely to serve as the turning point of the general election.

“These states are so close that when we make projection updates, the state of the tipping point can change between Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin,” he said.

The largest market for Priorities USA television commercials will be Tampa, Florida, with nearly $ 5 million. “Tampa, in almost every election of the last decade, has had the largest number of persuasive voters in Florida,” said Cecil.

But he warned against preconceived ideas about how those voters of the year 2020 will look.

“When people hear” persuasion, “they think the white working class or the Obama-Trump voters,” he said. “But in Florida, one in five Hispanic voters is an objective of persuasion.”

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