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The student of Birmingham who went viral after epic eye-roll at Nigel Farage, gets marriage offers

A university student filmed rolling her eyes on Nigel Farage on a national television program filmed in Birmingham has received wedding offers.

Harriet Ellis was filmed and clearly not impressed by the former UKIP leader.

She was caught in front of the camera during the Channel 4 Brexit debate on Monday.

The debate was filmed in Birmingham.

After it was broadcast at 8 pm, Harriet went viral.

Now, Harriet, 21, says that since then she has been overwhelmed with statements of support – and someone has even suggested it.

Apparently, Harriet has had people who make her a "hero" & # 39; called.

"I have also had marriage requests, which my friend is absolutely not happy with," she revealed.

The University of Birmingham student says the reaction to her eye-roll was "crazy".

"Most people have been very nice and they say very nice things about how I speak to people across the country.

"There are even people who called me a hero, and I am not, there are people who deserve that title much better."

Apparently Harriet realized that she had become viral before she left the building – after another public member had told her.

"This man came to me and said," Have you checked your phone? "I answered & # 39; No & # 39; and he said: & # 39; Your phone is about to blow up & # 39 ;.

"He showed me the video and had 3,000 views at the time, I thought" cool "and then he just kept blowing up until even JK Rowling liked it.

"That was really strange."

She added: "I think everything Nigel Farage says would upset me.

"But it was just the fact that he said:" We have a lasting Brexit "when we absolutely do not have it.

"We have fueled a Brexit through the wishes of the Leave campaign and Theresa May does not give us Bitter Brexit at all."


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