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The resistance against Donald Trump is female | TIME ONLINE

Donald Trump is not particularly resourceful when it comes to downplaying political opponents. The US President likes to use stereotypical images. They are easy to remember, easy to tweet and are well received by their male core target group.

For example, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who officially announced her presidential candidacy for the weekend in 2020, he calls "Pocahontas", Pocahontas is not only the title of a Disney movie, it is also the name of the daughter of the chief Powhatan-Sachem, and thus a tribe of Native Americans. Warren claims to be descended from Native Americans and has backed the release of a DNA test last year. Warren's handling of her origins is in the United States controversial, Trump, however, is not interested in the facts, but only for the racist attack.

Amy Klobuchar described Trump as a "snowman (woman)" after the Senator announced her candidacy on Sunday. She said the US would rejoin the international climate agreement with her as president.

It snowed on Klobuchar's appearance. The opportunity for Trump not only to degrade the Senator to a figure, but to question the consequences of climate change again. When it's snowing, there can not be global warming.

US Senator Amy Klobuchar would also like to play against Donald Trump.
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But if Trump wants to defend against all opponents with racist or misogynist nicknames, he will have a lot to do. After the congressional elections in November 2018, in which women have won more seats than ever before, the female resistance in the Democratic Party becomes increasingly visible and reaches the presidential election campaign. With Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Tulsi Gabbard already five women compete for the presidential candidacy. Encouraging for the party, which seemed paralyzed since Trump's presidency.

The shock of Hillary Clinton's defeat was not followed by a genuinely substantive strategy in the ungrateful opposition role. Which did not mean that the US Democrats did nothing, but above all a message came to the public: Trump is evil, Trump's plans are unfair and bad, the President must go. Programmatically, the party did not stand up against a president who vocalized his actions on all channels.

That changed with the congressional elections last fall. He now has 127 women, of whom 106 are female. With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a Democrat has become part of the Congress, which is already better known to most Americans than some presidential candidate. She uses Instagram and Twitter for herself, dancing in response to Republicans who find dancing women scandalous. She wears white with all other Democrats in Trump's speech to Congress.
 She advertises with decidedly leftist ideas, most recently with her push for a Green New Deal, which states that Americans will be in ten
Years to use 100 percent renewable energy.

Ocasio-Cortez's staging is considered too much, with Nancy Pelosi, the mighty grand dame of the congressional Democrats, who trumped Trump several times in the budget dispute, not the biggest fan of Ocasio-Cortez and her ideas. But everyone in the party, like everyone else in the party, grabs the attention with thanks.


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