Home news The replacement of Héctor Pesquera does not receive the same salary

The replacement of Héctor Pesquera does not receive the same salary

Ricardo Llerandi, the interior secretary, expected yesterday that the deputy secretary of the Department of Public Security (DSP), Héctor Pesquera, will not receive the same salary of $ 248,500 a year, but did not want to reveal who the nominee will be.

"We are in the final phase of making the decision. It is a decision that will be announced shortly. At the moment I will not say anything about that"The official said in a telephone interview.

However, Llerandi confirmed that the compensation for those who take the lead after 30 April to the umbrella agency "will be less" than the secretary receives today.

At a time when the names of potential candidates were popping up, Llerandi was airtight. The names of Alexis Torres, retired from the Office of Internal Security Investigations of the Immigration and customs control serviceand that of Héctor González, in charge of the money laundering and administrative investigations unit at La Fortaleza.

"They are executive decisions that are announced when they are mature. We will not anticipate any phases or anticipate negotiations or names"He said.

He did not even want to indicate whether one of them or other possible substitutes for Pesquera is being considered.

He indicated that "shortly before April 30," when the resignation of Pesquera will be effective, his replacement will be announced.

"But at the moment I have no specific day when it will be announced," said Llerandi, who denied that the DSP will be restructured like an umbrella, despite the criticism that has always been and has been accentuated with the announcement of the exit from Pesquera .

"On the contrary, we are focused on completing it," the Interior Minister said.

The President of the House of Representatives, Carlos "Johnny" Méndez, has said that he will re-examine the entire structure of the DSP, created by law in 2017.

Exactly, after announcing his resignation, Pesquera claimed that it was beyond his control to postpone the merger of the seven transactions that are part of the DSP due to the interruption caused by Hurricane Maria and the tax constraints.

Moreover, he said that it was never thought that the DSP would only fully work for one year.

Llerandi said that the consolidations of agencies should work on capacity within four to five years. "We are paying more attention to the implementation of that reorganization and the missing resources have also been identified in the new budget from 1 July."He said.



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